Sunday, January 13, 2008

Esolis Eye Shadows Part II

So I visited my family in Colorado over the holidays...and grabbed the other 2 Esolis Eye Shadows from my sister :P

The Rouge/Blush duo:

Rouge: shimmer, low intensity, a nice maroon with fuchsia shimmers.
Blush: shimmer, very sheer, a translucent soft pink.

The Golden Orchid/Gilded Lily duo. For some reason, this duo's formula is significantly silkier than the other two! Talk about inconsistency!

Golden Orchid: pearl, low intensity, a beautiful pearly cream with gold iridescent. This is probably one of the best white shades I have ever seen!
Gilded Lily: shimmer, medium intensity, a bluish purple with golden shimmers. Makes a very pretty eye liner!

See Esolis Eye Shadows Part I.

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