Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lunasol Feathery Smoky Eyes

Ever since swatching this Lunasol Feathery Smoky Eyes in the Shinjuku Isetan LE EX01 Feathery Gold, I've been itching to get to it. Finally, some four months later, which I suppose is still better than years...

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

I'd skipped the entire line of Feathery Smoky Eyes due to bland color combos, boring finishes, and poor pigmentation. This LE couldn't have been more different--it's everything the regular lineup should and could have been. The colors are gorgeous and wearable. The finishes are interesting, with some semi-metallics even in the medium/crease pan at lower right. The texture is consistent among the four pans, all are softer, smoother, and more buttery. The palette as a whole has excellent pigmentation, what Lunasol was once known for in the exemplary Three-Dimensional Eyes, Nature Color Eyes, Vivid Clear Eyes, and Geminate Eyes. What gives, Lunasol?

- EX01 Feathery Gold: this palette is very reminiscent of late summer/early fall. Think gold, copper, bronze, and brown. It's definitely warm-toned, but it doesn't turn red. Warm eye colors turning reddish is my biggest challenge, because I'm very warm-toned and there's already a lot of yellow in my skin.

Clockwise from top left:
- Sparkling top wash: high shimmer, low intensity. Translucent gold. Like translucent red lipsticks, I'm addicted to eye colors like this. I already have many but I just can't get enough and keep buying more. They're gorgeous and super easy to wear, from lazy days to special date nights. And Lunasol does their sparkles so well that it's never garish or tacky.
- Base/highlighter: shimmer, low intensity. Champagne with golden pearly sheen.
- Medium/crease: semi-metallic, medium intensity.
Right: translucent peachy copper.
Center: copper.
Left: bronze. Absolutely love this color and wish there was more of it!
- Deep/liner: shimmer, high intensity.
Right: antique bronze. Love this one and want more of it too!
Center: chocolate with gold shimmers.
Left: bitter chocolate with gold shimmers.


Caty said...

So jealous you got your hands on this! Those medium shades look delicious. I'm sad that Lunasol has been so hit or miss the past few years, are they less popular now or something? :( Hopefully the upcoming spring collection will deliver.

D. said...

Hi Caty,

I'm counting my lucky stars and will treasure this palette forever :)

I feel the same about Lunasol's downfall. It was the thing before Suqqu came along and steal all the thunder, and now I think even Suqqu is slumping as well because of Addiction and Three. I remember my many visits to Ginza Mitsukoshi. Each time, there would be a crowd by Addiction and Three, several folks by Suqqu, and only a couple by Lunasol.

I haven't seen any news on Lunasol releases for spring. Have you?


Citrine said...

You can see Lunasol spring releases (it's quite exciting actually) allover Instagram (biteki voce both posted about the whole range and Iris at Rouge Deluxe might have reposted on her Instagram as well), there is one palette with silver gray-gold-purple-beige combo that reminds me of suqqu ginbudou and I like that the best...

In the other hand, Suqqu spring looks like recycled Lunasol petal pures eyes...

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

Ohh! I remember now that you mentioned Rouge Deluxe! Yes, I've seen Lunasol's spring releases but remember that there were few medium shades and the palettes were mostly light colors. Or may be I remember this wrong too...hmmm...

I guess I'll just have to wait to see swatches. Hopefully they'll be better pigmented.


Caty said...

Here's a video I found about the collection:

D. said...

Thank you Caty! I'm so scatter-brained these days ^.^


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