Friday, October 9, 2015

Lunasol Geminate Eyes Part II

Now I totally see why these Lunasol Geminate Eyes were so damn popular. One look at the 01CE (Cat's Eyes) and I went right back for this 05RB (Ruby) even though all the online photos of hot pink and fuchsia made me want to run away screaming. Don't get me wrong, I do like hot pink and fuchsia, just not on my lids. I think those colors are better on my lips.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Well guess what, the online photos were all wrong. There are no hot pink or fuchsia. Well, that sparkling top wash (center) flashes fuchsia from an angle, but this shade is translucent so that doesn't count :P The online photos I saw must have been taken with indoor lighting and with flash, because in natural light this palette is drop-dead gorgeous! All the colors are totally wearable! Yes, they're pinks, but they're sophisticated, classy pinks and not bubblegum-y or frill-frilly. Goodness I'm so happy I took a deep breath and just went for it! Fans of pink: you need this. ASAP.

Clockwise from center:
- Sparkling top wash: high shimmer metallic, medium intensity. A complex cool-toned peony pink with white, violet, and periwinkle sparkles that renders it almost fuchsia from an angle. It doesn't look it in the swatch photo but this shade is translucent when seen directly and only reflects an opaque metallic when view from an angle. A perfect top wash to jazz things up a bit.
- Base/highlighter: metallic, medium intensity. Ivory.
- Lid: metallic, high intensity. Shimmery soft pink with a soft pearly gold sheen (you can see the gold in the angled shot). Soooooo gorgeous all over the lids and perfectly fine just by itself.
- Liner: shimmer, high intensity. A maroon with plummy undertone. This color is quite pigmented and potent, so go easy with the application ^.^"
- Medium crease: metallic, high intensity. Mauve pink with violet shimmers. Very pretty!

See my previous Lunasol Geminate Eyes post.


Citrine said...

Added to the list! And now I can stop thinking about suqqu akanezora(and the annoying cream pan)...and maybe cat eye will fit the bill for orange palette...

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

Yeah, oily lids = hate cream pans >.<"

I LOVE both Cat's Eyes and Ruby. So happy I have them! I was thinking about Akanezora but hate the matte base/highlighter shade and much much prefer Ruby's metallics.


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