Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lunasol Shinjuku Isetan Exclusive Feathery Smoky Eyes and Full Glamour Lips Swatches

So I happened to be in Shinjuku yesterday and decided to stop by Isetan to see if they have store samples of the Lunasol 2016 fall collection. To my luck (or misfortune, depends how you look at it), they did.

Of course the first thing I asked to see was the exclusive Feathery Smoky Eyes EX01 and Full Glamour Lips EX08. I nearly drooled when I saw them--they're gorgeous, though be forewarned, they both are also very warm-toned, reminiscent of autumn's orange-red. Seasonally appropriate, I suppose, but not for everyone.

Feathery Smoky Eyes EX01 and Full Glamour Lips EX08. All pictures taken in indoor lighting without flash. Click to zoom.

I'll just cut to the chase: yes, I ordered both the LE eye palette and lipstick. In fact, they made me glad I passed on the Summer Kit. Count me impressed.

I'll start with the lipstick. When I was at the Ginza Mitsukoshi Lunasol counter picking up my Clear Colorful Eyes order, I was very tempted to try another Full Glamour Lips. However, aside from the color 02 Cherry Red which I already have, everything else was my-lips-but-better or meh. I ended up settling for a Stain Color Lips in 07 Fresh Orange (will review later after a good trial) but kept wishing they'd give me some color in the Full Glamour range.

Well, my wish was granted. Full Glamour Lips EX08 is a warm orange-red in a cream-jelly formula and good lord it's pigmented! Want. Now. I'm a sucker for warm reds, and I was so absorbed into admiring the color I totally forgot to look for its name. I figured I could search online later but nope, couldn't find the name anywhere. 

Lunasol pretty much won me over with the lipstick but they didn't stop there. They went on to hit it out of the park with this Feathery Smoky Eyes EX01. Here are close-ups of swatches. I absolutely love the yellow gold sparkly top wash (top left pan). And it's not that I dislike the pearly beige base/highlighter (top right pan), I do like it, but I already have many similar shades.

The whole bottom two pans wowed me. Buttery, and very pigmented as you can see. The medium colors (bottom right pan) are semi-metallic, with shades ranging from bronze at left, copper middle, to coppery golden peach at right. The deep colors are more satiny with scattered sparkles. They're shades of chocolate with the deepest bitter chocolate at left. Honestly, this palette reminds me so much of Vivid Clear Eyes EX01 Bronze Brown. Seems to me they took the bottom two pans in that palette and made gradations for both in this Feather Smoky EX01, turning up the warmth while at it.

Yes, they did have store samples of the main Feathery Smoky Eyes line-up also. And no, I couldn't swatch them. Why? Because they're so terribly sheer I couldn't even pick up any color with my fingertips. I tried layering, but 3-4 layers later and still nothing showed up on the back of my hand. Even worse was the hard, chalky texture, with the nail in the coffin being the medium color pan--they're matte and yet still managed to be painfully sheer. What?! What happened here? I was so confused! O.o

Counter clockwise from top left: 01 Smokey Beige, 02 Smokey Monotone, 03 Smokey Charcoal, and 04 Smokey Violet.

I might have to wait for a week or two for the shock to subside before going back to swatch them again, probably at Ginza. I'm hoping the sample palettes I played with at Shinjuku Isetan were flukes. That, and I do want to see the 4 new Full Glamour Lips colors.


Citrine said...

Ahhhh, the lower right pan is my favorite kind of shades for summer but I shouldn't think about it too much thanks to the exchange rate...

I have a stain color lips (from last summer LE) and I actually like it a lot, it's nothing like the chalky Instagramy matte lipstick from American brands.

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

Yeah, the sale is over. Sigh. Those were the days... ^.^

Have you reviewed your Stain Color Lips yet? I'd love to see it! And you're right that the formula is a lot more tolerable than I'd expected. You know I'm matte-aversed haha


Citrine said...

Will do in a few days (try to space out same brand review so my blog doesn't look like an informercial...). I think I won't do US matte for a while as they make my mouth look like turd. But Lunasol, I will get a coral/orange one... It sits so elegantly.

kuri said...

Stain Color sounds nice! But wow, that red orange is gorgeous! I want! But don't really need...

That palette is gorgeous too, but too warm for me fortunately. So weird about the regular palettes being sheer.

Caty said...

Oooooo pretty! At first I thought "must get" but then I remembered I have Star Shower Eyes in 05 waiting in queue back home. Btw, I saw the update to the Lunasol Summer 2016 post. That's too bad Vivid Clear Eyes didn't work out but man, that Addiction eyeshadow! I need to try a few now.

Will you be scoping out Suqqu's fall collection? The quad is a definite pass for me, but the ombré style blushes and new lipstick line looks promising.

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

You made me LOLed with your comment! xD

But you're right, surprisingly enough I don't hate my Lunasol Stain Color Lips and am thinking of picking up a couple more colors. It goes on me a soft matte and not too chalky which is what I hate. And it's not drying either.

On another note, Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen also applies a soft matte on me, and all 3 of the Liptropolis too (they're on sale right now for 50%!)!


D. said...

Hey kuri,

Of course, I don't need anything that's on this entire blog haha! That's precisely the problem!

I'm still having a hard time believing how sheer and terrible the regular line is. They were worse than the crappiest drugstore stuff and I was shocked. May be I'll go see them again later in the month.


D. said...

Hi Caty,

If I can get my act together this month, I'll post on a few Addiction eye shadow singles as well as a ready to wear palette with shades not available in single pans. They're truly awesome and I like them better than most of my Suqqu stuff believe it or not.

Yes, I'll be scoping out Suqqu fall releases but I'll be passing on them probably. I'm more excited about the Lunasol lipstick releases honestly.


Alison said...

Hi-- Did you ever go back and test the regular Feathery Smoky eyes or come across any swatches. I wanted to get the Smoky Violet but not if it is a bad formula.

D. said...

Hi Alison,

I haven't :( The next time I'm in Ginza (probably soon, because my hubby loves to go there for Indian food...) I'll stop by and swatch it for you.

For now, check out these swatches from Cosme for Smokey Violet.

Hope this helps.


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