Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lipstick Queen Lip Nouveau Set

Between J. and I, this Lipstick Queen Lip Nouveau set was just about perfect having Butterfly Ball Fly, Saint Berry, and Red Sinner. I'd been dying to get my grubby hands on Fly and sure wouldn't mind having Saint Berry, and J.'d been wanting to try Sinner Red. That works out pretty well, right?

J. and I also paid retail for this set, only for it to go on sale for half price right now on Lipstick Queen's website. Argh!

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Why do I want Fly so badly? Because Fly and Goodbye are the only two colors I'm missing within the Butterfly Ball range, and I want them all! ^.^ While I love the Saint lipstick line more so than the Butterfly Ball line, I don't like all the colors available, especially the nudes and the browns. So with that line I'll only collect the colors I want *hint*hint* (more Saint lipsticks coming up soon!)

I've reviewed all three formulas before so I'll go straight to the colors.

- Butterfly Ball Fly: the Lipstick Queen website describes this color as hot pink, but I think it's not hot enough to be hot pink. For me, it's more like a bright pink with a touch of fuchsia, thanks to all the turquoise shimmers. This color is very flattering on my lips, and given the translucent finish, I think it might actually be universally flattering.

- Saint Berry: this color took me aback when I first saw it in the tube, and it disappointed me even more when I first swatched it. This is not berry at all--it's brown :( And then I tried it on my lips and funny enough, the plummy tone came out. Still, I'd much prefer it to be less brown and more berry as per its namesake. This is the very first Saint lipstick I'm not too thrilled about, though only because of the color.

- Red Sinner: already have and reviewed this color from the Red Carpet Edit set. This second tube actually belongs to J.

From left to right: Butterfly Ball Fly, Saint Berry, and Red Sinner.

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