Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mizuho Brush

I'd been curious to try a Mizuho (瑞穂) Brush, so when Citrine reviewed hers I mentioned I was tempting to get the pink pencil brush myself. And then what do you know, a few months later, that very brush arrived in a small swap along with the Butter London Cheeky Cream Blush Ruby Murray and two L'Oreal Paris Infallibles in 556 Smoldering Plum and 800 Bottomless Java. Thank you, Citrine! ^.^


I've also reviewed the other brushed pictured, the Chikuhodo Artist 6-4 and Takumi T-9, and Koyudo Black Angled Brow Brush, BP045, and C013.

- PM-12 Pony: I'd used this brush for a good few months before it went off rotation, and it's pretty darn coarse and rough being pony hair. I don't have sensitive skin so the poking doesn't bother me so much, but if you've been spoiled with soft goat or squirrel hair, this brush is going to be a rude awakening.

Interestingly enough, I have a few other pencil brushes of horse/pony hair (Hakuhodo G5515 and J533, and Koyudo C010) and none of them are as coarse and rough as this PM-12. That's right, all my other pony pencil brushes are much softer, and sad to say but it does diminish my impression of the Mizuho brand.

Other than the coarseness, the brush does its job fine. The pony hair packs on the color, and the blunt tapered tip does a good job with smudging. But this only points me right back to my other horse/pony pencil brushes--they do all their job fine, all the while being much softer than this brush! Point is: if you're going to try this brand, perhaps try a softer hair brush like squirrel. Because if you're going to get a pony pencil brush, you're much better off picking Koyudo.

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