Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lunasol Clear Colorful Eyes

So this post is super late of course, because I first swatched these Lunasol Clear Colorful Eyes way back in late April, with an update in June. Yup, that was months ago...

I bought both palettes EX01 Ocean Lagoon and EX02 Coral Shell (along with Stain Color Lips 07 Fresh Orange), and got myself a good helping of samples, a Lunasol canvas zipper pouch and folding mirror. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

You already know I much I like these two quads. They both are buttery in texture and pigmented. The colors, while recycled as they are, are actually beautiful in indoor and natural lighting. The finish is shimmery for all shades. There's no metallics here but I'm very happy with my purchase nonetheless. And yes, I'd have totally regretted passing up that gorgeous royal blue so I'm patting myself on the shoulders I bit the bullet and bought it. J. who was with me at the time, also bought both palettes because she couldn't pick between the two, exactly how I felt.

- EX01 Ocean Lagoon: the cool-toned palette I bought for the single navy blue pan at the bottom right there. I'm going to admit that aside dabbing a tiny bit of the white to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, I still haven't touched the baby blue or the mint green sparkling top wash. But hey, I've used the navy aplenty, either to line to smoke out my upper lids. It's as gorgeous on as it looks in the pan folks. Absolutely no regrets here. May be one day I'll figure out how to wear the rest.

Clockwise from top left:
- Base/highlighter: shimmer, low intensity. Soft white.
- Sparkling top wash: shimmer, low intensity. Translucent mint green that appears more lime in indoor lighting, probably because the yellow light bringing out the gold shimmers.
- Deep/liner: shimmer, high intensity. A drool-worthy navy blue with fine royal blue shimmers.
- Lid: shimmer, medium intensity. Baby blue.

- EX02 Coral Shell: the warm-toned palette though it's not that warm for me. In contrast with the EX01 Ocean Lagoon above, I've used all the colors in this quad, and quite often too! They're nothing special or unique but they're my go-to colors.

Clockwise from top left:
- Base/highlighter: shimmer, low intensity. Off white with pearly gold sheen turns it ivory.
- Sparking top wash: shimmer, low intensity. Translucent golden champagne. I've lost count how many times I've worn this color just by itself as a wash all over the lids. It's so easy to wear I love it.
- Deep/liner: shimmer, high intensity. Chocolate. In my swatch post, I thought this color wouldn't be dark enough to line with. It certainly appeared lighter in indoor lighting, but see below in natural lighting--it's pretty darn dark and you get I do line my eyes with it!
- Lid: shimmer, medium intensity. Golden peach. Another color all over the lid wash that I reach for constantly.


Citrine said...

I can't wait to use my coral shell (but I will have to wait since I couldn't get a good picture of the palette)...Ocean Lagoon is pretty to look at but I am clueless with jewel toned blue.

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

Funny, because I'm just the opposite, in that I can think of million things to do with jewel-toned anything, but when it comes to cooler pastel... Ha.

I hope you'll like your Coral Shell. I love mine ^.^


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