Sunday, November 27, 2016

Addiction Ready To Wear Eye Palette Part II

After swatching Addiction Ready To Wear Eye Palette in 05 Departure, I knew I had to pick up 06 Es Paradis also. Thank goodness I did, because some time in early September, these palettes disappeared from Addiction's website. They haven't returned since, which makes me thing they've been discontinued. They weren't available at the department store counters, and I just checked Rakuten JP and didn't see any there either. Only a couple are currently listed on e(vil)bay at a marked up price ($90-105!).

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Same as 05 Departure, these colors are quad-only and aren't available in singles. Not sure why, because they're gorgeous and totally wearable despite all the shimmers and the cool tone.

- 06 Es Paradis: I picked this palette having read that it's the most sparkly out of the entire Ready To Wear lineup. Sure enough, it's a sparkle-fest, though nothing garish or tacky. And there are three metallics to boot, all with minimal dryness and fall-out. I'm so thrilled! These very much remind me of Stila Jewel Eye Shadows, only much softer and smoother, accomplishing everything Stila failed to do. In fact, the only shade with the slightest feel of grittiness is the silvery mint at top right. Impressive!

This palette is definitely on the cool side, and not just because of the blue-cast in my photos below. There's really zero warmth in it! There's a matte base/highlighter and even a lid shade, but like 05 Departure, there's no deep/liner shade. The other two are medium/crease shades.

Clockwise from top left:
- Medium/crease: high shimmer, medium intensity. A lovely translucent smoky eggplant with lots of mint green, silver, pink, and violet shimmers. Yes, you read that right, this color is translucent!
- Lid: metallic high shimmer, low intensity. A silvery mint with mint green, silver, white, and pink shimmers. This color appears translucent but it's not. When seen from an angle, it's opaque and metallic. I actually find this color wearable when applied with a light hand, like dabs onto the middle of the upper lid and that's it.
- Medium/crease: metallic, medium intensity. A gorgeous denim blue with lots of royal blue, turquoise, periwinkle, and violet shimmers.
- Base/highlighter: matte, medium intensity. Off-white.

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