Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lunasol Nature Color Eyes

Embolden with Ocean Scene Eyes 01 Warm Ocean, I went for Lunasol Nature Color Eyes in 02 Nature Green and 05 Nature Colorful, both quads. Let's just say I now have major lemmings for 03 Nature Brown and 04 Nature Beige, but of course they were long discontinued T.T

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Nature Color Eyes are gorgeous metallic quads that are sparkly and well-pigmented. These are softer and smoother than Ocean Scene Eyes, though still not as buttery as Geminate Eyes, Party Eyes 2014 EX01 from Party Coffret 2014, or Vivid Clear Eyes. Good enough, I'd say ^.^ Staying power is the same as Ocean Scene Eyes, which is fantastic. Best of all, the colors exceed my expectation and are super wearable. Love!

- 02 Nature Green: a beautiful gilded khaki quad that's super wearable. The only color I'm haven't tried by itself is the mint green, although I have worn it blended with the golden khaki and it's really pretty. Also, 3/4 colors actually have, well, colors and aren't just pastel light colors.

Clockwise from top left:
- Base/highlighter: metallic, medium intensity. A gilded soft white with a beautiful golden sheen when seen from an angle. So pretty!
- Lid: metallic, medium intensity. A gilded mint green, again with the pretty gold sheen when seen from an angle.
- Liner: shimmers, high intensity. A gilded olived brown that lights up with gold shimmers. Love!
- Medium crease: metallic, medium intensity. A gold khaki that's just to die for. Perfect on its own as a wash all over the lids or in in the crease blending over the mint green above. Love love love!

- 05 Nature Colorful: I had reservation about this quad. From the online photos, it looked as though there's really only 1 color (the liner) with the rest being light base/highlighter colors. But I took a chance and picked it up anyway, and am pleasantly surprised to find that the periwinkle is actually medium color. The pink shows up well on me too and I've worn it alone all over the lids with just liner. So yes I'm very happy with this palette.

Clockwise from top left:
- Base/highlighter: metallic pearl, medium intensity. An ivory that will turn frosty if I were to apply too much. So this is definitely one of those shades that calls for a light hand.
- Lid: metallic, medium intensity. A pastel pink that leans warm, thanks to a layer of gold shimmers. Very pretty as a sheer wash.
- Liner: shimmers, high intensity. A deep plum with lots of silver shimmers. This liner shade too lights up just as the gilded olive brown above. Awesome!
- Medium crease: metallic, medium intensity. A beautiful periwinkle.


Citrine said...

I like nature green(even though I love the color green, I don't usually wear it on my eyes much, probably because I already have a lot of green clothes and don't want them to clash). I have been thinking about the stylish ballet from lunasol tender clear eyes(similarly fresh green but clearer and cooler-toned) but this one seems nice too...I just need to stay on my self-imposed rakuten-ban a little longer.

PS, can't wait to see your review on the selection de chocolat(something like that?) palettes...Ok, I am just assuming that you will get it when it's out (isn't it today?) since canmake cheek gel isn't coming out until October...

D. said...

Hey Citrine,

Nature Green is GORGEOUS and I finally saw the Tender Clear Eyes in person at the counter today and--sorry to burst your bubble--they looked flat and boring. I'm glad I went with Nature Color Eyes ^.^

As for the Selection du Chocolat collection, I happened to be at Isetan Shinjuku, 1 of the 2 stores that had the exclusive EX01 Chocolat Noir (the other store being Umeda Hankyu), and although this LE palette was released exactly 1 week ago on August 14, it was already sold out along with palettes 02 Chocolat Amer and 03 Chocolat Raisin in the permanent range. I haven't been to the Hankyu store, but EX01 was sold out on Hankyu online, and Isetan online too for that matter!!! I was able to play with the testers though, and again I was underwhelmed - these palettes applied rather muddy on me :( It might have been the store's lighting, so I'll go back out another day. Hopefully by then they'll have restocked the 03 Chocolat Raisin, which looked the best out of the 3 variations available, in my humble opinion.


Citrine said...

Yay! Chocolat raisin is the one I am interested (reminds me of nars tokyo) but I might not get it since I can get light gray-purple look from suqqu ginbudou (I found a seller who charges reasonable price for mirasakisuishou but it was pointless to get it for the 8-shades good deal when realized that I don't like any of them individually). Anyway, I guess I can always wait since those chocolate are not LE (I actually like the duos in that collection more than the quads).

D. said...

Oh I love my Murasakisuishou!! I haven't even tried layering the colors yet because they're great just by themselves.

The only reason I'm looking at the Selection du Chocolat is that 3/4 colors are darker medium colors, not the multiple base/highlighter shades that you always get.


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