Sunday, August 2, 2015

L'Occitane Hand Creams Part IV

It's been a while since my last L'Occitane Hand Creams post and I've gone through several more tubes.

The first is the Happy Hands Trio, which came in a nifty tin that I kept to store other hand creams ^.^

- Date Bouquet Hand Cream: brown tube, smells more like a flowery honey scent to me, and can be cloying at times. It's a thicker formula but since moving to a much drier environment, I found that it's actually *not* thick enough :(

- Mango Flower Hand Cream: smells very nice, like a sweet mango butter! also a thicker formula like the Date Bouquet. Again, I still feel it's not thick enough.

- Rose Petals Hand Cream: I like this one best, smells like a slightly sweet and creamy rose. Again a thicker formula and for some reason this one moisturized better than the other two.

- Green Tea Moisturizing Hand Gel: when they said gel, they really meant it! This one is a semi-translucent gel that's super thin and doesn't really do a thing for my alligator hands, so I deferred it for summer use instead (it's in my shoulder bag right now). Since I didn't like the shower gel, I dragged my feet trying this hand gel. It turns out okay. The scent was different than the shower gel, and better, though definitely not green tea.

- Bonne Mere Honey Hand Cream: a creamy honey that's nowhere as cloying as the Honey & Lemon Hand Cream. It's a thicker formula like the Happy Hands Trio above so I keep it in my backpack for use at school, for whenever I wash my hands. I'm almost through with the tube!

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