Saturday, April 19, 2014

L'Occitane Hand Creams Part III

So I've gone through another score of L'Occitane Hand Creams, keeping a tube in different bags (handbag, gym bag, book bag, etc.). Here they are in a short list, though not in any specific order.

- Winter Rose Hand Cream: a soft rosy scent that's surprisingly pleasant, mild yet lingers for quite a long while. I was at a conference for a week where I had to handle lots of paperwork and therefore constantly got alligator hands. Good thing I brought this tube with me, because it gave almost instant relief to the dryness and discomfort. And then one morning my colleague asked me discreetly, "Hey, what perfume are you wearing? It smells really nice." I shook my head, "I'm not wearing any perfume," and she looked at me, confused, "Really?" Then I remember I had put on some of this hand cream an hour ago and held up my hand to her, "Is this what you're smelling? It's just a hand cream." She smelled my hand and nodded, "Yup, that's it!"

All nice and good, but there is one thing I don't like about this hand cream - it has shimmers in it. I actually didn't notice at all, until the afternoon sun shined in over the conference's glass roof one day and I saw that my nails were shimmery. I did a double take and finally realized my whole two hands were shimmery! Yeah, no. But other than that, I like this hand cream very much!

From the Hand Cream Bouquet.

- Almond Hand Cream: very light gel cream that leaves my hand velvety smooth, although not necessarily adequately addressing dryness. Like the scent very much, although it's not as creamy and sweet as the Almond Milk Concentrate, even though they're supposed to have the same scent. Either way, it's an almond fragrance that's neither too nutty or too "cherry". I went through this tube really quickly, which goes to show I much I liked it. Will definitely look into getting more of this! 

From the Almond Voyage Kit.

Spring Cherry Soft Hand Cream: differing slightly with the ume in the Iridescent Shower Gel and the shiso in the Velvet Moisturizing Gel, this hand cream has a top note of fresh fabric, yes you read that right, fabric, and lingers with more notes of ume. Interesting, huh? I keep this in my book bag, since I have to sit next to people during my classes and I think smelling fresh fabric is probably least offensive. I would totally take the Almond Hand Cream instead but I whizzed through that one in a month, way before my classes even started. So until I get some more almond, my classmates are going have to put up with sitting next to Joann's Fabrics.

From the Springtime Cherry Collection.

Cherry Princess Hand Cream: Admittedly I like this hand cream the least, because the scent is a bit too strong for my taste. For some inexplicable reason this entire range is super duper perfumy, and not in a good way. The fragrance in the hand cream is even stronger than both the Pearlescent Shower Cream and the Silky Body Gel, and damn those two are already pretty perfumy! So this hand cream has been demoted to my gym bag for quite some time now.

I think the gym bag is a good place for it, because me sweating like a pig doesn't mean I have to smell like one too. And having a balmy and perfumy hands are still better than the dude on the elliptical next to mine, who doused himself in a cologne that totally clashed with his sweat, and together they went to war with my nose. And holy crap, there was also this chick, who out of the entire gym completely empty and devoid of people she had to pick the treadmill right next to mine, and then decided to *tweet* (LOL my sister came up with this, I didn't!) not once or twice but FOUR times!!! Yes, I counted, because each time I had to hop off and ran outside to breath, pretending to chat on the phone. I just wished I had a spritzing bottle of this Cherry Princess with me and spray it at her while chanting, "Evil be gone!" I don't know what was the worst part, that the door was just 3 steps away, or that I was the one who stepped outside instead of her while she didn't even bat an eye lash after poisoning the entire room with her brand of methane!

From Cherry Princess Romantic Escape Gift Set.

A second tube from the Hand Cream Gift Set, but I gave it away to my mum as she likes this scent (poor dad haha).

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