Saturday, July 13, 2013

L'Occitane Spring Cherry Iridescent Shower Gel

Almost done with this 75mL/2.5fl oz. travel size bottle of L'Occitane Spring Cherry Iridescent Shower Gel from the Springtime Cherry Collection this past spring.

The Springtime Cherry Collection comes with 75mL/2.5fl oz. each of this Iridescent Shower Gel, Velvet Moisturizing Gel, which I will review next, 50g/1.7oz. Spring Cherry Soap, and a 1oz. Spring Cherry Hand Cream.

***Screencap from L'Occitane USA.

As an added bonus, this collection comes in an adorable snap clutch in hot pink cherry blossom print on pastel pink cotton background. Inside, the clutch is lined with matching hot pink cotton too ^.^

This body wash is a clear transparent pale pink with pretty scattered shimmers in it. And that's about all there is to it, yep. I find this Spring Cherry scent quite interesting. Its top nope is nothing reminiscent of cherry. Instead, if you have ever had ume flavored anything, like umeboshi for example, you will immediately recognized this scent. Yes, this Spring Cherry scent has a top note of powdery ume. Way to catch my attention and distinguish itself, huh? This ume top note doesn't last, of course, and it quickly fade to a flowery scent that I didn't like so much.

But yeah, other than the neat ume-tinge fragrance, there's nothing special about this shower gel. Not worth the full retail at all. If you are curious about the scent, get the Hand Cream instead, because at least it will keep your hands soft and nicely scented for a while ^.^

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