Thursday, July 4, 2013

L'Occitance Bonne Mere Gentle Cream

I think it's about time to declare some love for this L'Occitance Bonne Mere Gentle Cream Milk ^.^ It all started with the Gentle Body Wash Milk. Even though the scent may be strong for some people, hubby and I like it so much I couldn't wait to try out the cream. I figured since this is an all-purpose cream, if I don't like it on my face, I can always use it on my neck, hands, feet, or just slather it all over myself LOL!

But still I was cautious, buying several 15mL/0.5oz. travel size tubes from Ebay to try first. Turns out this is one of the most gentle all-purpose creams I've ever tried and I fell pretty hard for it upon the first use xD I gave hubby a tube and my mum a tube to try and they too love it! Time to get the full size, pronto!

The Bonne Mere Gentle Cream Milk full size 75mL/2.6oz tube comes with a pretty neat twist cap dispenser that's sealed with a clear sticker for freshness. After this sticker is removed, you just twist the cap to open, squeeze to dispense, and twist again to close. The cap does not come off at all, so there's no worries about dropping it, etc.

The travel size 15mL/0.5oz tube. These are also sealed with an aluminum sticker at the mouth of the dispenser freshness, which scores major points with me since not many travel sizes of anything are sealed these days. I finished my first travel size tube in no time ^.^

As mentioned above, this is an all-purpose cream to be used on the face and all over the body, wherever moisture is needed. It is a light cream, and it absorbs very quickly and completely, leaving behind a lovely veil of fragrance. On my face, it's a clean moisturizer that's just right. My skin feels comfortable and does not turn greasy some time after. I love that it doesn't feel any different on my face than else where on my body. Most all-purpose creams are either great on the face but somehow sticky or greasy on the body, or vice versa, most often the latter. I'm so happy that it's not the case with this cream at all, and it feels just as nice of my face as it is on the rest of me. The only areas where it feels slightly inadequate as a moisturizer are the elbows, knees, and feet, all of which require a thicker cream to keep the roughness at bay. 

The cream is actually more mildly scented than the body wash, and the fragrance is milkier and even more soothing. Too bad it's not for use on children under 3, because if I had a baby I would totally dunk him/her in this stuff before snuggling LOL! In fact, I would even say this scent smells like a baby! It has a strangely cuddly character to it that makes me think of a freshly bathed and moisturized baby. If you're wondering, my brother is a whole zodiac younger than I am, and my sister and I have bona fide babysitting experience ^.^

Not satisfied with just a few full size tubes in the Milk fragrance, I snatched up this Bonne Mere Gentle Cream Gift Set too! It has the Honey version, which I've read is actually not as gentle and mild as the Milk version, but I want to try it anyway ^.^

And of course the other reason I bought this set is because of this neat pouch in the shape of a paper balloon. It's cotton polyester and is very well made. The inside is lined with cotton.

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