Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Face Stockholm x JCrew Lipstick

This Face Stockholm x JCrew Lipstick was a total impulse buy last year. You know how they always leave a bowl of knickknacks by the register where you line up to pay? That tactics works quite well on some folks, like me :X Anyway, this is a limited edition collaboration, and there were 3 colors, Chili Flake in a neon orange box, Peony Pink in a neon pink box, and of course I had to pick this French Martini in a bright navel orange box.

Face Stockholm for J.Crew Lipstick in French Martini. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

A few weeks after purchase, I took these pictures not really expecting much. But right off the bat I took to the packaging. The bullet is simple and understated with just a plain cap and the brand's name printed on the inner twist up tube. It's petite, having the same height but is much slimmer than the thick club that is Lancome Rouge in Love. And get this - the Face Stockholm lipstick has 4.2g of product, versus Rouge in Love's 3.4g - ha!

Face Stockholm's website listed three different finishes, cream, matte, and veil, pretty self-explanatory. There was no indication which of these three finishes I got with French Martini, so the element of surprise kept me going. Since this lipstick is unscented I'm assuming the others are too, including those in the permanent Face Stockholm range.

- French Martini: In the tube, this candied milky orange looked fresh and playful but it still scared me a bit. As soon as I swatched the color, I breathed a bit easier - it turned peachy orange on the back of my hands. And it was actually rather translucent, so yes, a veil finish, which was about perfect! It swatched quite well actually, creamy and smooth, but it wasn't until I actually wore the lipstick that it really impressed me. The color turns even more peachy pink on my lips, and wow it's flattering, both the color and the translucency that allows adaptation to my lips. How come all lipsticks aren't like this?!? Anyway, the swatch pictured here was layered twice, so the translucency is lost but you can see how it turns peachy on my skin, yes?

After wearing this French Martini a few more times, I dragged myself back out to the mall (I actually loath going to the mall) to get the other two colors. Sadly, by that time Chili Flake had sold out and only Pink Peony was left, so I got myself a tube. Will post about it later.

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