Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

I'm 2/3 of the way through the 50mL/1.7fl oz. this mister bottle of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. Like Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic, this is a multi-purpose mist to be used as toner right after cleansing or throughout the day as needed. After "demoting" the Boscia tonic to daytime freshener use, I started using this Jurlique one as a toner instead.

Even though both Boscia and Jurlique products are runny and watery, the Jurlique Balancing Mist feels substantially more moisturizing while still maintaining that super watery light, barely there feel. In fact, on some nights I spray this onto my neck and décolletage and it feels adequate just like that! That said, in contrast with the alcohol-free and unscented Boscia, this Jurlique mist is scented and contains alcohol! Note alcohol as the second ingredient on the list, although since this is coming from Australia I'm not sure if the listing order signifies concentration. As for the scent, it is a very strong rose fragrance. It's not perfumey or fake but more herbal, and either way it took a while for me to get used to. So it really depends on how much you like roses and rose fragrances.

Here's the part I'm most iffy about - if it accidentally get into my eyes, it will burn! The Boscia tonic doesn't burn. None of the other misters I've used before burn. Just this one. I'm ambivalent about the spray mechanism too. When hold 3+ inches away from the face the mist is too fine and too dispersed for me to get much of anything on my skin. But any closer and I'd get a squirt that drips down my cheeks. I actually spray it 4 times, forehead, 2 cheeks, and chin, then pat it in with my palms.

Both Jurlique and Boscia are herbal and organic brands, with Jurlique having more of a fancy holistic spa feel while Boscia differentiating with preservative-free products. Between the two, Jurlique is definitely more expensive. Take this rose water for example, $22 for a mere 50mL, and compare it to the Boscia tonic at $24 for 150mL. Jurlique is roughly the same price for just 1/3 of the amount! That said, the Jurlique product is housed in a lovely frosted glass bottle, versus plastic with Boscia.

In all, I'm enjoying this rose water now but will not repurchase. It's expensive, and it burns my eyes on occasions. But you bet I'll be reusing this bottle after I'm done though ^.^ I'm contemplating putting SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in it, because spritzing that stuff directly onto my face is so much better than pouring it into my hand then patting it onto my face, not to mention the giant 215mL bottle!

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