Thursday, December 6, 2007

Victoria's Secret Eye Shadow Palette

Victoria's Secret is mostly, well, gimmicky. Sadly, it seems most of their budget is spent into - no joke - marketing their products rather than making them well! Don't get me wrong, some of their lingerie are nice, and some of their shoes are decent, but their clothing is sub par and their bath and body products are a waste of money. But here is the surprise - hidden underneath that mountain of the beauty junks are little gems waiting to be discovered. I happened to have found a few myself! Very few, I must say, but these few have stuck with me since college and I still can't part with them.

One of these gems is the Eye Palette Mosaic Storm. They used to be in a rounded compact with a mirror, but I believe they are now re-branded to "Very Sexy" makeup in a black square compact with mirror. I don't know about the formula, but I think the shades are the same, at least they look the same, and the newer version of this palette is called "Sultry."

The Mosaic Storm has 4 shades:
- Top right: shimmer, very sheer, a pale nude with gold shimmers that is supposed to be translucent but some how goes on a bit opaque and muddy on my skin by itself. Not my favorite shade in the palette, but I layer over it so...Let's hope they DO reformulate the newer version!
- Bottom right: shimmer, high intensity, an onyx black with gold shimmer. It makes a beautiful liner, although it is quite pigmented, so do be careful!
- Bottom left: metallic, medium intensity, a brassy gold I like to use as highlighter in the inner half of my lower lash lines.
- Top left: shimmer, low intensity, an ashy gray with a hint of taupe - my favorite shade ever! I use this as a crease shade, line the upper lash with the black and bam! Sultry eyes! That's where they got the name! Original, right? *roll eyes*

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