Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lancome Miscellaneous GWP Palettes

I have so many of these miscellaneous Lancome GWP palettes I thought I might dedicate an entire post to them! Other than some skin care and lip products, I am not a big fan of Lancome cosmetic. Their face powder feels heavy and turns greasy on me after a while. And although the blushes are decently pigmented, they also feel chalky. Same with the eye shadows, of which the formula is very inconsistent! Some are smooth and silky, some are chalky, and some are just plain dusty and flaky! Ick!

The below 2 palettes are of Maquiriche Creme/Powder Eye Color. I'm not sure why they're called creme/powder because they don't feel creamy at all!
- Upper left, Gardenia: matte, very sheer, an off-white that only serves to highlight the brow bones, feels chalky though
- Upper right, Honeymoon: shimmer, very sheer, a gold with slight honey hue
- Lower left, Stellaire: matte, medium intensity, a grayish ink blue I use as a liner. The shadow can feel a bit crusty to the touch.
- Lower right, Angora: shimmer, low intensity, a pale blue that goes on with a touch of silver. This shade feels softest of the bunch!

- Upper left, Cream Lustre: pearl, low intensity, a frosty pearly version of Gardenia with a touch of sand
- Upper right, Misty Mink: metallic, medium intensity, a taupey gray that' is one of my favorite shades as it feels significantly softer than the others as well! I have seen other shades similar to this one. Will do a comparison whenever the chance arises.
- Lower left, Burnt Sand: metallic, medium intensity, a champagne gold one shade lighter (not as red) than the Honeymoon above
- Lower right, Gardenia: see above

A face palette with a powder, blush, and 3 eye shadows:
- Dual Finish Powder Makeup Fragrance Free in Matte Buff: feels a little heavy - it's a tad darker than my complexion so it weighs down my whole face. Also, even though it's supposed to be fragrance free, there is a fragrance and it irritates my skin! Bad Lancome, bad!
- Blush Subtil Shimmer in Mocha Havana: it looks shimmery, but the shimmers are actually very fine, the blush goes on a plum bronze on my skin
- Color Focus Eye Shadows, from the top:
- Honeymoon: shimmer, very sheer, an opaque pale beige, don't know why they'd use the same name as the Maquiriche above for this shade because they look nothing like each other.
- 4Dreaming: pearl, medium intensity, a deep mauve with a fine gold pearly sheen that could turn my eyes bruised, so I only use it as a liner. And actually, the shade's name is not 4Dreaming, it's actually only 1 of the 4 shades in the 4Dreaming quad.
- Burnt Sand: shimmer, low intensity, again, it's nothing like the Maquiriche Burnt Sand above but has even more red undertones than the Maquiriche Honeymoon, almost a golden bronze!

A Colour Focus palette in 4Innocence, probably the worst palette I own!
Upper left: a nude pink, shimmer, very sheer
Upper right: a muted mauve with purple iridescent and shimmers, pearl, also very sheer. For some reason, this shade is very dusty and crumbles upon the touch. Also, the purple shimmer is glittery and flakes off. Urgh.
Lower right: a dark maroon with red iridescent and purple undertones, medium intensity, it is pearly but matte, very strange. Probably the silkiest of the bunch, but I still don't like the finish.
Lower left: a medium cream color, shimmer, again very sheer. Its shimmers too are chunky and glittery, only it stays put.

A palette with 2 Color Design (left column) and 2 Colour Focus Eye Shadows (right column):
- Upper left, Gaze: shimmer, very sheer, and pretty pink beige
- Lower left, Couture: matte, high intensity, a deep plum that will allow me to achieve a black eye without the fist fight, so again I only use it to line. I must note that it is exceptionally soft and satiny though, perhaps because there are no shimmers?
- Upper right, Honeymoon: see face palette above
- Lower right, Dill: shimmer, low intensity, a pretty olive green with gold shimmers. I still haven't figured out how to use this color since it doesn't quite match with the other 3. If I use this color to line for a day look, I can't use the Couture shade, and vice versa when I use the Couture shade to line for a night look. May be it has to do with my skin tone that I can't pull off both at the same time?

2 Color Design Eye Shadow palettes with almost identical shades, save for 1:
- Upper left, Honeymoon: shimmer, very sheer, again, reusing shade names are not a good idea, as this shade is nothing like the Colour Focus Honeymoon or the Maquiriche Honeymoon. It's more like a translucent Maquiriche Creme Lustre with more yellow undertones.
- Upper right, Suntouched: shimmer, very sheer, a gold with hints of peach
- Lower left, Lezard: matte, high intensity, a deep maroon I only use to line
- Lower right, Floralesque: shimmer, very sheer, a pale neutral pink

- Upper left, Floralesque: see above
- Upper right, Honeymoon: see above
- Lower left, Lezard: see above
- Lower right, Mochaccino: matte, low intensity, a brownish gray that I use to line for a day look

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