Sunday, August 24, 2008

T'estimo Eye Bright Up Base

Yep, this is me being curious and shelling out money for stuff I don't use. Again. This time for T'estimo Eye Bright Up Base. What can I say? I read all these raves about it so I just had to see what kind of miracle it packs. T'estimo has been discontinued, so these Eye Bright Up Base have become a hard to get and rare item. And that only increases its mysteriousness to me :D

There are 2 colors: 01-Yellow and 02-Peach, with 01-Yellow having a shimmery finish while 02-Peach is matte.

***Picture from JK Online Beauty.

01-Yellow: I picked this color for its brightening properties - the shimmers. It comes in a tiny little squeeze tube and is a thin liquid, so you need very very little.

I fumbled quite a bit with this Eye Bright Up Base just to use it correctly, however, probably because I don't use eye shadow base so I don't know how to use them. I had to apply a small amount and blend until it's completely dry, otherwise it would actually crease even the my powder shadows. Hmm... Once I let it dry properly though, wow, it made my shadow lasts all night without creasing at all! By the end of the night, my eye makeup looks just as fresh as when I first put them on!

This thing is as amazing as they say, just that it's a bit too much work. LOL! Yah, me lazy bum. Although I do find that when I'm really really lazy, I could just wear it alone and it does brighten my eye area. If you use eye shadow base regularly, you might want to give these a try. They should be floating around somewhere on Ebay. I got mine from JK Online Beauty.

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