Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SkinLite Hydrating Cucumber Masque

Whenever I have time to put on a mask, I prefer sheet masks over wash-off masks. I just think the sheet masks are a bit more convenient in that I don't have to rinse my face afterwards :D What? You didn't know I'm a lazy bum? Still, I do give wash-off masks a chance every once in a while. There are good ones out there, I'm sure!

That said, I have 3 words for this SkinLite Hydrating Cucumber Masque - what a waste! Honestly, it was a waste of my money, time, and energy massaging it on and washing it off. It did absolutely nothing! And I'm not looking for improvement, I'm looking for mere change! There was no change whatsoever before and after. If my face was tight and dry before, it was still tight a dry after. What's the point of this mask again? There isn't one!

The Hydrating Cucumber Masque has a rather interesting texture. It's really very...pulpy. I suppose they are trying to give you the idea that you are wearing a mask of cucumber puree. At least it sure smells like cucumber, listing cucumber extract as an ingredient. It's just too bad I find it neither hydrating nor worth a try. Blah.


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