Friday, July 6, 2018

Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Souffle

Sorry for going MIA for the rest of June there. I was moving home. Again. Hopefully, we'll stay put for a longer while than last time, because moving house with baby is just not fun +.+ for us, at least. The little one had lots of fun helping the packing and unpacking, as in he took out stuff that should stay in, and put in stuff that should stay out. Ha. 

After trying Origins Smoothing Souffle, I spotted this Mini Souffle Sampler on sale for 25% off on Nordstrom and didn't think twice. The sampler includes three 90mL/3oz. jars of the Ginger Souffle, this Gloomaway Grapefruit Souffle, and more of the Smoothing Souffle.

I didn't love the odd toothpaste scent in the SmoothingSouffle but the addicting texture more than made up for it. Since these souffles are light I saved them for the summer and boy did they delight!

This Gloomaway smells amazing, not so much grapefruit but more like a zesty leaf blend with bitter peel. The texture makes it perfect for this weather. Will definitely repurchase and will try any new scent they release!

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