Friday, May 1, 2009

Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour

Update May 1, 2009

I still haven't finished my tiny little GWP tube yet, but I already bought a full size for backup :) Yes, I like Platinum that much.

Oh, and here's the swatch for you, since I didn't post one in the original post. The swatch doesn't look sheer, I know. But I had to goop the stuff on just to have this nice big blob for you to see how beautifully metallic it is. Love, love, LOVE.

Original post Sunday, January 12, 2008

I don't pay much attention to Laura Mercier's products, that is, until I got this Metallic Creme Eye Colour as a GWP at Sephora's. Let's just say it's the best cream eye shadow I've tried since Lancome Colour Dose! The Lancome ones have nice texture, waterproof, and doesn't budge all day, but it also doesn't blend very well and most of the colors don't work on my skin tone. The Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour, however, is different. It does everything the Lancome Colour Dose doesn't do and then some! Needless to say, I must now own all the colors, at least all the ones that work with my skin!

I currently have Platinum: metallic, very sheer, a beautiful wash of champagne peach. At first I was a bit disappointed it was so sheer, but then the sun comes in through my window and that sheer wash literally lit up my eyes! Wow! I love the sheer sparkling look and this is THE most perfect sheer sparkling shade I've been searching for!!!

The GWP tube I'm currently using.


Mukho said...

It does look beautiful... I'll be waiting for ur updates as u get all the other colors :D

Dalenna said...

Hi Mukho! *waves*

Doesn't it?!?

I'm getting there...slowly :) I have one more color I haven't tried yet. Will try soon!

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