Thursday, July 24, 2008

DHC Q10 Face Powder

DHC Q10 Face Powder is my very first loose powder. I know, I should get with the program. I don't know why I waited so long to give loose powders a try. I do use loose powder blushes and eye shadows, but never thought about using a loose face powder.

All pictures taken indoor with flash.

So why am I trying them now? Because they were on sale! Why else? LOL :P Okay, okay, and also because I read some decent reviews on these powders on MUA. And because they're inexpensive, even at retail price before the sale.

Each jar comes with 17 g of powder and a puff, and although that's a really good deal considering their retail price of only $15, I actually wish it was much smaller! What can I say, I like things small and cute. Besides, who has room for giant jars of powder? I heard they used to be smaller and their formula was different and better too. Damn!

There are 4 colors available:
- Transparent 00 (transparent matte)
- Transparent 01 (transparent shimmer)
- Yellow 01 (shimmer)
- Pink 01 (shimmer)

I have all 4 colors, but I am only reviewing Transparent 01 today. And I must say, it was a pretty good first experience with loose powder for me! The powder is so fine and super light weight, it didn't feel like I put anything on at all! Although my face looked mysteriously even and finished, there were no visible traces of powder whatsoever. And the shimmer finish? No worries, it was barely shimmery, if at all, leaving a nice and subtle glow. The only (very, very) minor problem I had with this powder is that it seemed to be a little bit moisturizing. Because I only wear powder on my oily t-zones (versus the super duper dry skin else where on my face), this powder actually takes the point out of me wearing any powder to begin with! If you have dry skin though, I would definitely recommend it! As for me, I'll probably try it again in the winter. It's such a nice powder so I don't want to give up on it yet :) Will update again then.

I know, strange way to photograph a powder jar, but the best way to see this powder's color is to flip its jar upside down.

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