Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stila It Gloss Trios Part III

Man, it took me for-frickin'-ever to try out all 3 of my Stila Travel It Gloss Trio, but I did it! Hooray!

This trio (top to bottom) consists of: Enchanting, Fetching, and Savvy

- Enchanting: a nude pink with gold pearly shimmers. At first glance, I thought it would wash me out because of the pearly finish, but it turns out to be a translucent gloss, so it works! Yesh - I love it when that happens!!! :D Also, may be it's just my imagination, but this formula is again a bit less sticky and the brush applicator tip is just divinely soft! Applying it is a breeze with the added bonus of feeling the velvety brush applicator massaging my lips. One thing I do know for certain is that because the gloss has a pearly finish and the shimmers are so fine, it feels absolutely smooth and buttery on my lips!

Within this trio, Enchanting and Fetching are clear winners, it seems. Savvy is good too, but it won't work for me unless I layer it over lipsick, so that's a bit of a drawback since I have to be in a very specific mood to wear lipstick. All in all, sorry to say but I like this set much better than the BCA It Gloss Trio!

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Citrine said...

yeah, I just got this from beauty crunch today (since I am a fan of clear gloss that I ordered the lip glaze trio , they ended up sending me this...

I am too lazy to return this, and I don't want to bother the very nice/fast people in beauty crunch and since it's has twice the volume as the lip glaze so I haven't gotten much to complain about.

The finish is pretty nice, but I seriously can't stand the sweet scent...

Btw, I wonder did you get to buy anything form the free shipping weekend in Stila's site? (I bet those stila people blacklisted me by now since I made three separated order of 10 dollars each...What can I say, it took me forever to make a decision...)

D. said...

hey Citrine!

oh oops! yeah, the sweet scent doesn't bother me, but i hate it when glosses actually tastes sweet! yuck!

i haven't purchased from beauty crunch actually. i usually just buy directly from stila, but i wait for the big sales, of course :D

hehehe i have that problem too. during the warehouse sale i put in 3 orders within the same week because i couldn't think of what i wanted then and there. but over the free shipping weekend i didn't buy anything this time. there wasn't anything i'm particularly interested in. the only thing i have my eye on right now from Stila is the push-up colors, and they're not on sale...yet :D i'm cheap, i know haha

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