Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stila It Gloss Trios

UPDATE 05/10/08: Gezebel recommends that I try the Savvy gloss on top of a neutral lipstick, which I did today with Lancome Le Rouge Absolu in Tawny Rose (will review soon) and wow! I'm very glad I took the advice. The bronze that would otherwise washes me out is now a beautiful peachy gold on top of the soft pink lipstick. Absolutely LOVE it!!! Thanks Gezebel!


I'm distracted again...

Of course, who could pass up these pretty Stila It Gloss after seeing the Lip Glaze, right? I nabbed 2 trios just to sample these glosses and although I am not head over heels in love with, I actually like the colors a lot!

These glosses all have the same sugary and vanilla scent, so no hit and miss fake yucky flavors for me to worry about like I do with my all time favorite Lancome Juicy Tubes and Juicy Gelee. The only thing I dislike about these It Gloss is that they are way too sticky but at the same time not moisturizing enough and does not last as long. The colors, however, are amazing. Lancome could definitely learn a thing or two from Stila here.

The popular Travel It Gloss Trio has 3 shades (left to right) Enchanting, Fetching, and Savvy

Of the Travel It Gloss Trio, I have only used 2 colors. The rest I will review later after a good trial.
- Fetching: a bright tangerine color with hints of coral and gold shimmers. Hard to believe, but it actually has a beautiful peachy metallic finish on me! I have never seen glosses with a metallic finish, so I was a bit ludicrous at first and kept staring at my lips in the mirror LOL I thought I was seeing things!

- Savvy: a pretty nude bronze with gold shimmers and just a touch of pink, although I don't have as much luck with this color. It turns frosty on me and washes me out.

The BCA It Gloss Trio has 3 shades (left to right) Courageous, Enticing, Inspiring

Out of the BCA It Gloss Trio, I have only used 1 color. I'll review the other 2 later along with the third color from the Travel trio.
- Inspiring: a nice and fresh raspberry color, looks very similar to Estee Lauder High Gloss in Berry, only it is brighter and does not have the lilac iridescent. It has no metallic finish either, but it's pretty, and if it wasn't so sticky I'd probably use it a lot more often than I do.


(g)ezebel said...

i loooove stila's IT glosses! i have two of 'em, but i can't remember the names.

that tangerine one is soooo pretty!!

try layering the bronze gloss over neutral lipstick. betcha you'll like it. :0)

Dalenna said...

Hi Gezebel,

I do love the It Gloss colors too. I just wish they weren't so sticky. I prefer sticky glosses and these are just waaaaaay too sticky for me. But god, yes, that tangerine gloss is BEAUTIFUL!! You should pick one up when you have the chance if you like orange glosses. It has this gorgeous peachy metallic finish. So pretty!

Oh, I never thought about layering the bronze gloss over lipstick. Will try. Thanks so much for the tips!

(g)ezebel said...

hooray! now you don't have to let the savvy gloss sit and collect dust! i love mixing different lip glosses with lipsticks. i've been putting MAC's dazzleglass "bare necessity" over everything!

Dalenna said...

Yes! All thanks to you! You know, I'm going to start layering the Savvy gloss over everything now too!!!

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