Monday, May 5, 2008

Revue Feel Veil Powder

Okay, so I started this blog because I am a Japanese makeup enthusiast (by no means I'm a collector though - there are quite a few others who have me well beaten in this area...). But then it's also been a while since I last post about a Japanese makeup item. Let's just say I've been very distracted.

So back to the topic, shall we?

Revue Feel Veil Powder is my latest love. I think I love it more than my beloved Estee Lauder Aeromatte - gasp! My sister got me this powder for Christmas :D Did I tell you she's leaving to Japan in a couple of months? Yah, she's gonna be there for a few years, and I'm dancing on my chair :D Teehee!

Revue is Kanebo's base makeup line. Think foundations (liquid, powder, cream, you name it), powders (loose, pressed), etc. you get the point. Anyway, let me count the ways I love this Revue powder:
- It's soft like a dream, and here I was thinking the Maquillage Precious Design Powder was soft. Nope, no where near as soft as this powder. I was impressed upon the first touch. It felt softer and silkier and finer than starch!
- It's completely unscented. Enough said.
- It sets like second skin, not powder. As matte as the Estee Lauder Aeromatte leaves my t-zones, it also leaves me looking a little powdered. I didn't look obviously overdone or anything, but a little is still a little. This Feel Veil powder does not do that. Just smooth matte-ness with this one. Amazing.

There is one very small drawback to this powder that might have resulted because I piled a bunch on just to test whether it would give me the overly powdered look (which it didn't, by the way) - it was a tad moisturizing. I looked in the mirror very very late that night and my t-zones were not as nice and matte as they were when I first applied the powder. It didn't look oily or shiny, just not as perfect as I'd like. I guess I'm over scrutinizing this poor Feel Veil Powder, huh?

The Feel Veil Powder has 4 "colors." Mind you, these aren't really colors. They look it, but they will go on transparent no matter how much you put on.
- Top left: soft pink, matte
- Top right: very pale peachy pink, matte
- Bottom right: cream, with very fine pearly shimmers that are not at all noticeable. Once applied, it just has a brightening effect.
- Bottom left: very pale cloud pink, same as the cream, it has very fine pearly shimmers that aren't noticeable. that I think about it, my t-zones might have lost its perfect matte-ness by the end of the night because I swirled all 4 colors together. May be I should have used only the matte ones on my t-zones and the fine pearly shimmery ones underneath my eyes. I guess that means I'll just have to keep on tweaking until I can figure out how this powder works. Other than that, it's freakin' awesome!


(g)ezebel said...

do you use it before/after foundation or instead of?

D. said...

Hi Gezebel!

It is a setting powder and it's transparent, so it's for use after foundation. I don't wear foundation though, so I just use it on my t-zones just to matte things up a bit. I LOVE that powder to death!!!!

AskMeWhats said...

wow, this looks awesome!!!! It looks sexy! never seen this though but thanks for this!

D. said...

Hi askmewhats,

Revue is a Kanebo brand :) I fell in lust with this powder at first sight the fell in love upon application :D If you can get a hold of it I would recommend wholeheartedly!

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