Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Avon Loot! Part II

I had lots of fun with my last venture into Avon, so picked up a few more items that peaked my curiosity. And while these don't quite measure up to my last loot, they're not so bad either.

My favorite items in this lot are the Seeing Stripes Cheek Colors. I got both the Warm and Cool Collection, and I didn't think each would come in such a giant pan - they're HUGE!!! Anyways, they're very pigmented and will probably last me a century. The only thing I find strange about them is while the Cool Collection is an array of cool pinks, the Warm Collection turns out to be a bronzer! When I saw these online, I thought, okay, computers don't always display accurate colors, but these turn out exactly as they're shown on screen! Not exactly what I was hoping for, but whatever.

- Warm Collection: bronzer, anyone?

- Cool Collection: pretty cool-toned pinks, mauves, and raspberries.

My biggest disappointment in the lot is the Luster Glow Lip Shine. I was intrigued with the packaging, actually, but after trying the product, I think the odd shape of the stick kind of makes sense. It feels like a lip balm that's too soft to be in a stick but too stiff to be in a pot. So instead it's in a weird chubby stick that makes it incredibly difficult to apply, precisely because it's too soft to be pushed up! I had to use my fingers.

Anyway, the texture is interesting, not waxy but is like a sticky jelly. It's moisturizing and lasts a decent a mount of time, but no shine. Hell, my Rosebud Perfume Strawberry Lip Balm gives me shinier lips than this "lip shine" and it's wax based! Oh yeah, and this lip shine has a sweet taste to it, which I just absolutely HATE!!! Why can't those cosmetic companies get this straight in their creative heads? If I wanted something sweet I'd pop a candy or chocolate in my mouth, not slathering my lips with lip balms! When I want to satisfy my sweet cravings the last thing I look at is my tube of chapstick, goddammit!

- Blood Orange: I like the scent, but the product is not quite there...

I have mixed feelings about these Roller Ball Lip Glosses. I know, how old am I, right? Whatever, may be I was nostalgic of my middle school days when I was looking at these :P They're okay, kind of glossy, kind of moisturizing, but too thin in texture to have good staying power. Again, they have a sweet taste, which bugs me.

- Mixed Berries: more strawberry than mixed berries, but holycrap - it smells and tastes exactly like the a roller ball gloss I had when I was in middle school!

- Melon: my least favorite flavor, too fake.

- Peach: kind of peachy, not really, but it's my favorite out of the three flavor wise, probably because the scent is lighter than the other two.

I also got the Roller Ball Eye Shadows :D I doubted these would work well, and I was right. The roller ball makes the shadow comes out patchy, so I just rub it on my finger to blend. The powder is decent, not as fine and soft as some of my other loose powder shadows, but it's not bad.

- Steel: matte, medium intensity, a charcoal gray that I'd probably use as a liner with a brush.

- Frost: metallic, very sheer, a sparkling cream color. I like this one infinitely better than the gray above, solely because it's translucent and not frosty or opaque, a good finishing shadow.

That's it...for now. I'll be keeping an eye on Avon so this won't be the end of it :D

See my previous Avon Loot! post.


(g)ezebel said...

wow - that's all avon?! they sure have come a looong way from when i used to buy avon and they catered to old caucasion women. i might check them out again. thanks for sharing!

D. said...

Hi Gezebel!

Yep, all Avon, and they sure did come a long way. I still think a lot of their stuff looks boring LOL, but at least they've picked up a few trends here and there. I saw a few other pretty neat stuff online, may be you should check them out!

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