Saturday, January 19, 2008

Estee Lauder Aeromatte Ultralucent Pressed Powder

The Estee Lauder Aeromatte Ultralucent Pressed Powder is probably the best translucent set powder I've ever used. With that said, I haven't tried any Japanese brands yet. I haven't been able to find any interesting ones to date, so I switched camp for now :D

The powder is completely colorless and light, delivering a matte veil that lasts all day. It is not fragranced, at least not that I noticed. I use it only on my oily t-zones (forehead and nose) as the rest of my face is dry. When I do use it all over, I am pleasantly surprised it adapts to my dry-combo skin and doesn't give me dry patches like the Amazing Cosmetics Powderset does. And the compact is rather large, so it took me a whole year to hit the pan!

And because the compact is quite large, it is also way too bulky. I absolutely love this powder, but I think they really need to come up with a better and sleeker design because a square box is just ugly!


Iraz said...

I'm using the same product as well, my question is that do you use any moisturizer before applying the powder?

with this one, if I use a moisturizer, it becomes difficult to apply the powder - it somehow loses its smoothness

Dalenna said...

Hi iraz,

Thank you for visiting my blog and sorry for the late reply!

I use a waterproof sunscreen as a base (I use Allie now, before it was Sofina, and before that it was Shiseido), and I don't wear moisturizer underneath my Allie sunscreen unless I really need some. Even then, I'd dab just a tiny little bit wherever I need it.

May be you could try a waterproof sunscreen too, or perhaps a mattefying base?

Sorry I'm not much of a help with this one. I never go out without my waterproof sunscreen so I don't really know how the powder reacts to just moisturized skin.

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