Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sekkisei Lotion Mask Tablets

This Sekkisei Lotion Mask Tablets is what I referred to in my last post.

Kose is another Japanese cosmetic giant. Some of the most popular brands made by Kose include Sekkisei, Awake, Visee, Esprique Precious, Beaute de Kose, etc. In the US, only the 2 premium lines, Sekkisei and Awake, are available. Sekkisei can be purchased online at the Kose USA website, and both Sekkisei and Awake are available online at Bath & Body Works.

Sekkisei is a high end skincare medicated with herb extracts, and while I'm not at all attracted to their products, I did buy their Lotion Mask Tablets for $5 per 14-piece pack, which comes out to about $.35/piece :D These are called Lotion Mask Tablets and are meant to be used with Sekkisei Lotion, but who says you can't use them with other serums and treatments? Just pop one out, soak it in whatever you want, store-bought, homemade, whatever, and put it on your face! Lovely idea!

And of course Sekkisei isn't the only brand that carries ready-to-use sheet mask tablets. Try Ebay! The only reason I buy the Sekkisei sheet mask tablets is it fitted better than the SkinFood ones.

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