Sunday, August 24, 2008

Canmake Powder Cheek

More Canmake goodness!

These are Canmake Powder Cheek. There are a bunch of colors, but I have only tried 2 so far. They come in the same clear plastic compact as the highlighter, with a brush and no mirror. Pretty plain and simple, but that's why I like them to begin with.

Texture wise they are smooth and soft. I particularly like the fact that they didn't produce much dust when I swirled my brush over them. I just hate how the entire compact gets filled with dust after each application so this is quite nice. So far, the 2 colors I've tried are sheer, so if you like more pigmented blushes, you won't like these. For me though, they're great because I don't have to worry about overdoing it with them!

PW16 - Naple Orange: A vibrant tangerine with fine silver shimmers. No worries, this color looks scary but it's not. It's rather sheer, so it goes on giving my face just a touch of color for a healthy glow. Also, the shimmer doesn't show up at all and the blush goes on matte.

PW20 - Lollipop Pink: an adorable bubble gum pink also with fine silver shimmers that doesn't really show up. I actually like this color a lot! It makes me look totally awake and fresh and happy. Yes, happy. You know, how your face would get a nice pinky flush when you're happy? So yeah, it's my mood-altering blush :D

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