Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hadabisei Moisturizing Masks with Collagen

Hadabisei is a Kracie brand, and Kracie Holdings is what's left of Kanebo Trinity Holdings after July 2007.

Complicated, huh? In short:
- Kanebo struggled to stay competitive in the 90's and wanted to sell its high-end cosmetic brands to Kao in 2004. However, this deal didn't come through and instead, all Kanebo cosmetic brands were clumped into one operation and became a separate business, Kanebo Cosmetics.
- In 2005, Kao bought Kanebo Cosmetics anyway.
- The rest of Kanebo changed its name to Kracie in 2007.

So yeah, all the Kanebo cosmetic brands (Coffret D'Or, Lunasol, Kate, Revue, Lavshuca, etc.) are actually owned by Kao (which owns Sofina, etc.). Although, it seems Kao has left the name Kanebo alone, perhaps for competition's sake associated with these cosmetics brands?

- Kanebo Trinity Holdings
- Adbrands company profiles: Kracie Holdings
- Adbrands company profiles: Kao Corporation
- For a list of Kracie products, visit Kracie's products listing (in Japanese)

Anyways, back to Hadabisei Moisturizing Masks with Collagen.

There are actually several kinds of Hadabisei sheet masks, excluding its "prestige" line, and each has a separate function differentiated by the color of the box.

- Pink box: Moisturizing Masks with Collagen.

- Red box: Extra Moisturizing Masks with Hyaluronic Acid.

- Orange box: Firming Masks with Q10

- Blue box: Deep Whitening Masks

- Newest addition, black box: Lifting Masks

- There's also a smaller pink box: Under Eye Gel Masks (Izzy, try this one!!!)

***Pictures from Hadabisei Japan.

The one I'm reviewing today is the Moisturizing Masks with Collagen. I think the pink box must be the newer and revamped packaging, because mine doesn't look anything like pink at all but rather a reddish orange, not to be confused with the Firming Masks with Q10 in the orange box. I guess I see why they changed the packaging to pink...

Three words for this mask: I. LOVE. it. It's the best sheet mask I've tried so far! I don't quite like the design of the sheet mask itself because, again, its cut doesn't fit my face and is rather difficult to apply evenly. But the essence it's soaked in is pure gold. No stinging sensation, which I take to mean little to no alcohol in its ingredients. After application, I massaged the left over essence into my skin and let it dry thoroughly and wow, no stickiness, to greasiness, no heavy feeling, just very light and comfortable skin. I went to bed just like that, with no extra moisturizing needed! The next morning was even more amazing - I've never felt my skin so soft before, I couldn't stop touching my face!

Thanks to this Moisturizing Masks with Collagen, I'm totally going to try the other masks out too, especially the Extra Moisturizing Masks with Hyaluronic Acid, the Firming Masks with Q10, and I'm most excited about the Under Eye Gel Masks since the Lifecella Essence Eye Contour Mask didn't impress me much.

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