Thursday, November 19, 2009

IsQueen Miracle Renewal Night Waterpack

Recently I grew tired of the sheet masks (finally moving out of that phase, I guess) and busted out my waterpack/sleeping pack arsenal, including a few brand new and sealed items I haven't touched. One of them is IsQueen Miracle Renewal Night Waterpack.

The jar was packed nicely, in a pretty box sealed at top. Although it felt suspiciously light for a 50 mL jar of gel...

This cute little fan brush was inside the box. The instructions in English says to use the brush and spread a thin layer onto to skin. I didn't follow the instructions :P I knew the brush would pile on more than I wanted, and plus it would take away the fingertips massage action which, in my opinion, make applying these sleeping packs much more enjoyable. Perhaps that brush would be more suitable for a clay mask or other wash-off masks that call for a thicker layer, but probably not this. Definitely not in my case since I apply sleeping packs sparingly to avoid going to bed with a sticky face. Urgh.

So I finally discovered the reason why the box was so light - the freakin' jar was half empty when I opened it! The box was sealed on the outside, so I'm pretty sure no one got to it before I did. That means the darn jar was only half way filled when I bought it! What the hell, right? Look at the picture below - doesn't it look like I'm almost finished with it? And it was supposed to be 50 mL! I felt so ripped off! Boo. Hiss.

Anyway, so that half-empty surprise pretty much fizzled the "miracle" for me. The sleeping pack itself was okay, way too heavily scented with a strong floral, old lady perfumy scent that's a mixture of rose and some other flowers I couldn't really distinguish. The milky sea foam colored gel was actually thicker than it looks and I had to use very little or risk feeling like a walking fly trap. My skin did turn out nice and soft the next morning with no break outs or funny reactions. However, the scent and the thickness of the gel prevented me from using it more often, which is really too bad.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering do you have the ingredients list?

D. said...

Hi Anonymous,

Unfortunately I don't have an ingredients list as I would like to know the ingredients myself! :(

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