Friday, February 12, 2010

Fusion Beauty LipFusion Color Shine

I've always been *suspicious* of lip plumping products. Frankly, I don't really care for them, and I don't really know what the rage is all about. May be one of these days, I'll be crying while eating my own words, but right now, whatever. At least that was my attitude with this Fusion Beauty LipFusion Color Shine. Until I try it, of course.

Well, I still don't care for lip plumpers :P but I have to say I really really like this gloss! It has thinner but super smooth texture, similar to Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex, only it lasts longer. It is also very moisturizing, which is surprising to me since glosses sometimes can be drying. As for the plumping aspect, well, no comment. I didn't pay attention, and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to tell you whether or not my lips looked or felt "plumped". I don't really understand what it means to begin with! Anyway, the gloss is scented, but only very lightly, and the smell reminds me of Smarties (the American ones, not the chocolatey British ones). It's a tangy fruity scent that's polite and isn't intrusive, so I don't mind it. I don't know if all the LipFusion Color Shines have the same scent, I hope they do, because I am planning on buying more :)

Oh yes, I do have a complaint, though only a minor one. The gloss has the common doe foot applicator, but it dispenses very very little product. It annoys me that to apply enough gloss on my lips, I have to keep dipping back into the tube several times. But with all that said, I still reach for this gloss most often out of the bunch of random glosses I have in my bag right now.

The color I have is Bare, a deluxe GWP I got from Sephora a while ago. It's a nude color, but it's not thick and opaque. And by opaque I mean if your lips are not in tip top condition, i.e. dry and in need of exfoliation, wearing an opaque lip color will reveal or worse, emphasize every dry flake. Thankfully, this color doesn't do that. In fact, it evens out my lips and makes me look more lively (instead of purple - it's chilly outside you know!). Pretty much a fail proof color if you ask me!

Yep, I said above I am planning on buying more of these because I really like them. I also know that these costs an outrageous $38 each for a full size O.O So no, I'm not about to drop $38 on a tube of lip gloss, but I did find this little set below at Sephora, basically 6 tubes of the same deluxe GWP size I have, for $39. Still a bit stiff, which is why I'm waiting for a Sephora promotion :D I don't know though, I might just give in and buy the set for just that orange color on the far right alone...Very tempting.

***Picture from Sephora USA.


domo's wife said...

Ah, so I'm not the only one who doesn't notice the plumping..

I picked these up at my local drugstore several days ago. Bare and Crave were a bit warm on me.. do you have any advice on how I can make it work if I don't wear lipstick with it?

By the way, that orange is totally sheer. I love it (:

Dalenna said...

Hi Damu!

Yes, for some reason plumping stuff never really works on me. Probably my attitude more than anything though..., you ask good questions :) Most of the time I have to warm a lip color up to my skin tone, but I've never had to "cool" it down. I don't know whether you have warmer or cooler tone, but I would probably apply the gloss, dab a highlighter/shimmery powder in the middle of the lower lip, blend, then press both the lips together to distribute. I would avoid "warmer" highlighter/shimmery powders, i.e. those with gold shimmers, and stick with the "cooler" pink/lavender highlighters with silver shimmers or even blue/green correction powders. Let me know if this helps at all...'re definitely tipping the scale for me with the orange color...I love sheer reds/oranges!

domo's wife said...

To be honest, I'm completely inept with makeup. I know absolutely nothing about shadows, cheeks, and highlighting. Do you have any suggestions for good highlighters?
Oh yeah, I'm asian, so I'm guessing I should be warm? Even though when I wear warm lip colors, they look out of place...

I have a shadow (Sephora Brand, Aspen or something) that I got in my birthday Beautiful Eyes kit. All I know is that it's supposed to highlight my browbone or something, hah.

Oh yeah, to give you a more balanced view of the set, the brown goldish one is sheerish, but it ends up looking like Vic Secret's Balm in Pretty Buff. I think you disliked that one the most, right? It was pretty smooth, but I found that the shimmers were about as visible as Vic's.


Dalenna said...

Hi Damu!

What makes you think I'm any better than you at makeup? Just because I blab about makeup doesn't mean I'm any good at it LOL!

Highlighters, there are so many good ones out there depending on brands. What brands do have access to? Western ones or Asian ones?

Sephora eye shadow "Aspen"? Do you mean the Sephora brand Mono Eye Shadow in Aspen Summit 23? This eye shadow should work to cool down your too-warm gloss, actually. Who says you can't use eye shadows on your lips? Just rub a bit onto the tip of your finger, then dab on the middle of your lower lip and blend outward to the corners. Then press your lips together to distribute :)

Oh, I don't actually dislike the VS lip balm in Pretty Buff, which mean the entire LipFusion set will be completely usable for me. I was still reluctant because the brown gloss looked pretty dark in the picture, but thanks to you now I don't have any further reservation :D Gahh so tempted to go buy that set right now!!!!

domo's wife said...

I am actually total crap at this. So you probably are lots better, haha.

The eyeshadow did work to cool it down, but it was a bit too cool. I guess I'll experiment a bit with that, though.

In that case, you probably would like the whole set. I love the sheer pink one (I'm so unadventurous, hah), completely gives me a MLBB look (:

Dalenna said...

Hey Damu!

Too cool now? Woops. Hmm...then may be try a champagne or ivory (but not too gold) eye shadow or highlighter/powder?

Yeah, I like MLBB looks too, so I'm thinking I'll probably REALLY like the whole set. But I've also never spent $40 on a set of lip gloss before >.<!

domo's wife said...

Okay, I'll try that. Thanks (:

Hehe, I got mine for $20... that's probably the only reason I bought it. There were two, and I would have bought both if not for the fact that I only had a twenty and spare change on me. Grr...

Well I guess all you can do is wait for promotions? Does Sephora ever do big promotions?

Dalenna said...

Hi Damu :)

$20?!? I'd probably buy 2 sets too for $20 each!!!! That's a deal!

Sure, Sephora does lots of promotions...just not when I really want to buy something >.<! Damn them! I want a promotion, like, right now!!! Because I'm actually looking at a few things...So frustrating!

domo's wife said...

Yeah, it was. I'm still beating myself up for not having the insight to bring more money that day...

I have a question. Do you have any idea where to buy Clinique SuperBalms in their little sample sizes? I have one in raspberry, it was what brought me to your site when I was looking for lipglosses to compare it to. I'm almost out, but I don't want to buy the full size...the small one is just too cute!

Good luck in your quest to get Sephora to have a nice, big sale...for everything that you do want to buy.

Dalenna said...

Hi Damu!

Hmm...I bought my "Kissers" set (deluxe size of the Clinique Superbalms - from both the Clinique counters at department stores and the Clinique online store. You can check your local Clinique counters and see if they have similar sets!

Thanks Damu! Here's hoping me not give in without a good Sephora promotion! LOL!

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