Monday, February 15, 2010

Canmake Jewelstar Eyes

Here is a cream eye shadow I did not appreciate at all - Canmake Jewelstar Eyes in 01 Crystal Silver.

Canmake is a lower end drug store brand, but their products aren't always gimmicks. Sure, they have terrible duds like Highlight Gradations, but fortunately there are more gems than duds, like the Lip Essences and the Cheek Gradations I love. And more often than not, they have really decent and affordable items like the Cheek & Highlights (I've got quite a few of these, will review later!), the Highlighter (heads and shoulders above the Highlight Gradation I tell you!), and the Metallic Eyes (these are sheer, you've been warned!).

Then every once in a while, they come up with a piece of crap like these Jewelstar Eyes. I don't dislike cream eye shadows. I have a couple that I am fond of, namely the Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour (love these!) and Lancome Colour Dose, but man, these Jewelstar Eyes totally bombed for me! The texture is more of a thin but waxy balm than a cream. While the shadow itself blends decently into a pretty and super sparkly translucent wash, it was crease island in less than 30 minutes! Urgh.

Now I love sparkly eye shadows, so much that I will even tolerate chunkier glittery ones like T'estimo Color Eye SV-23, but I couldn't stand the glitter in this Jewelstar Eyes. Why? Because they just won't come off!!! Sure, the cream shadow creased like hell, but the glitter wouldn't budge at all when I tried to remove it with the fail-proof Lancome Bi-Facil! Normally, with my lazy eye makeup I need just one end of the q-tip for each eye to completely remove everything (even the chunky glitter in T'estimo Color Eye SV-23!). With heavier makeup like smokey eyes and such, I use both ends for each eye (Did say that Bi-Facil stuff is fail-proof? Yes I did!). To remove this Jewelstar Eyes cream shadow, I used TWO q-tips for each eye and still couldn't get all the glitter off!!! Some pretty stubborn shit they were. Worse, they got into my tear ducts and irritated my eyes. Not happy.

Don't be fooled by that innocent swatch. I think there was a thin layer at the surface with less glitter, which was what I probably got when I did the swatch for this picture. Bleargh. I wouldn't use this stuff even if I was paid for it.


Mischievous Mack said...

Ugh... Cream shadows are bad, but this sounds terrible! It's so sad, I usually love Canmake products, but at least this is one I now no to pass on!.
By the way, loving your blog :)

D. said...

Hi Mischievous Mack,

Thanks for reading! ^^

I love Canmake too :D But yes, these Jewelstar Eyes are totally gimmicky and a waste of money. Steer clear!

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