Friday, June 27, 2008

Canmake Lip Essence Part II

This is my other Canmake Lip Essense, in #03 Milky Pink. I honestly cannot choose between this one better or #02 Cassis Pink. I think they're both yummy flavor wise, not that I eat them or anything.

The #03 Milky Pink is a pretty milky fleshy pink that reflects a hot pink pearly sheen. It goes on sheer though, so just ignore the fact that it has a color :D Also, it's supposed to have "Strawberry flavor," but again I'm still smelling that nice and sweet Japanese chewing gum LOL. I love it either way.

See my previous Canmake Lip Essence post.


Mukho said...

Very cute color. I loves me a fleshy, natural looking pink :)

Dalenna said...

Hi mukho!

me too!!! although it goes on sheer, i find myself reaching for it a lot! i guess i really like for the moisturizing and gloss factor and not so much the color itself :D

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