Friday, June 6, 2008

Canmake Lip Essence

More Canmake goodness :) The Lip Essence is available in 3 flavors and "colors":

Left to right:
- 01 Clear Lip Essence: cherry flavor
- 02 Cassis Pink: cassis flavor
- 03 Milky Pink: strawberry flavor

***Picture from Canmake Tokyo.

Lip Essence can be worn alone as a gloss or as a base, and it feels rather substantial, not too thin but not too thick and absolutely not sticky. The gloss/base claims to heal chapped lips. I almost never have chapped lips so I can't say anything about the claim, but I do think it's moisturizing. As for the "color," there is not much of one if you ask me. But I don't really mind sheer glosses at all, so no complaints here :)

I am currently using #02 Cassis Pink. It's a hot pink with very fine carnation pink shimmers and goes on sheer. I don't know about the "cassis flavor" though, probably because I don't know how cassis supposed to smell or taste like. But I do like the flavor a lot. To me, it smells like...Japanese chewing gum, sweet without actually tastes sweet. Very nice, and very cheap (if you're in Japan), so I'd say it's an awesome buy.


domo's wife said...

Gahhhh I want one of these so bad, where did you get them?

By the way, can see you see if you can get your hands on some Lipfusion ColorShines or something? I'd really like to see what you think of them :D


Dalenna said...

Hi Damu,

I got mine from ebay, but I just did a search there and didn't see any being offered right now. However, you an also get Canmake items from Ichibankao too ( The price is definitely marked up, doubling the Japanese retail, but it included international shipping.

Ah yes, LipFusion Color Shine - I'm using one right now :) You bet I'll be reviewing it soon!

Thanks for reading!

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