Saturday, June 28, 2008

Suki Strawberry Yogurt Pack

My next attempt to rehydrate my skin is with the Suki Strawberry Yogurt Pack. Suki is a Japanese cosmetics and skincare brand for young teens, not to be confused with the UK organic brand Suki, named after its founder Suki Kramer.

Suki makeup items are cheap but with decent quality, and skincare items are priced just a tad higher but are still very affordable. Suki products are available in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, but I'm not sure if they're available else where. Anyways, that's all I know about the brand. Not much, right? :D If you have more information, please do tell.

The strawberry yogurt mask looks and smells like strawberry yogurt. I must admit it was very tempting the first time I opened the jar, but then the box says, "Please do not ever eat," so...damn! Anyways, the texture is closer to Fat-free Yoplait than to a creamy yogurt. It is very light, almost gel-like, and is supposed to "nourish and removes dead skin cell," according to

The ingredients, according to paper slip that comes with the box: Fragaria Vesca (strawberry) fruit extract 10%, yogurt powder 0.05%, vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil, tocopheryl acetate. Made in Korea.

I really doubt that's all the ingredients though as there aren't any laws in Japan that requires a cosmetic company to list all the contents of a product.

The instructions from says:
- After facial cleansing, apply Suki Strawberry Yogurt Pack on face. Avoid the skin area near eyes and lips
- Massage gently until the facial pack is fully absorbed
- Wait 5-10minutes, rinse off with water

I like this Suki Strawberry Yogurt Pack much better than the DHC Moisture Pack. It is much more hydrating, to the point I didn't need to apply moisturizers afterwards, and that's saying something given how dry my skin is. Also, I keep this in the fridge, so putting it on feels really nice and refreshing. I use the provided plastic spoon to scoop some onto the back of my hand, then I use an un-used small blush applicator to spread it over my face. Then I massage it around until all the red beads disappear.

When hubby and I tried this together, he asked, "How come it doesn't turn green?" O.O I told him he's thinking of a mud mask, but that I'll looking into getting something that'll turn green for him LOL

Anyways, like the vast majority of Japanese product, Suki Strawberry Yogurt Pack has its retail price of 2,300 yen printed on the back of the box. Now, the kick is, I got it from for a mere $6.30. At first I thought they must have sold me an expired item or something, but then the original price on was only $16.50, so I guess it's available in Asia for a lot less than what it retails for in Japan!

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