Thursday, June 12, 2008

FANCL Cheek Color Part II

Did I tell you I love itty bitty little blushes? :D These FANCL Cheek Colors are tiny refills that can be put into the sold separately cases and they are freakin' adorable! The refills come in their own clear cases and I prefer to carry them around that way since they are so space efficient!

Anyways, what I began to collect is the seasonal limited editions of these blushes. Every spring and fall, FANCL puts out a limited edition cheek color that comes in really cute patterns or motifs. Even the clear case these blushes come in have special decorations. I only have 2 so far though since I only started recently.

With that said, I absolutely adore what I have! These blushes are sheer, so I love them just for that :D If you are looking for pigmented blushes, these aren't for you. They are shimmery, but not glittery, and they provide a glowy touch of color instead of a "blush."

Fall 2007 - Pink Rose: come in 3 different colors in a checkered pattern of rose, a pretty feminine pink, and white. When swirled together, they give me a rosy glow.

Spring 2008 - Peach Pink: again comes in 3 colors, this time arranged in dots to form a cute flower shape with a golden orange in the middle and pale lemon as rounded petals. The rest of the blush is a beautiful peach and swirled together, it gives me a translucent and glowy peachy cheeks.

Aren't they just adorable? Apparently previous to these FANCL came out with some really really cutes! Oh well...I missed them. Shucks!

See my previous FANCL Cheek Color post.


(g)ezebel said...

i'm a sucker for cute packaging and advertising. that one with the little flower in it. sooooo cute!!!

D. said...

hi gezebel!

same here! i'm a total sucker too :P that's why i started collecting these to begin with. they always come out with the cutest stuff!!!!

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