Friday, June 27, 2008

DHC Moisture Pack

Okay, tell me I'm delusional, but in the heat and humidity of the Jersey summer, instead of melting away like everything else my skin is drying out like the Sahara!!! I guess my regular usage (every 2 nights) of retinoid treatment (Differin) and high alcohol content sunscreen (Sofina Perfect UV) has finally caught up with my poor dry skin. Damn, I really thought Sofina marked the end of my search high and low for a decent sunscreen! And it was working really well in the beginning too...garr!!! Oh well, what's why they say it takes up to several months to see if a product is a good fit. So on to the next less drying sunscreen I go...

The good news is that I have already ordered my Allie Comfortable Screen EX Perfect SPF 50+ PA+++ :D It is said to be less drying than Sofina, so we'll see how it goes. I'll do a review after a couple of months but will update again after several months for a progress report (sounds like we're still in grade school or something...).

***Picture form Adam Beauty.

In the mean time, though I went a bit mad gathering some hydrating sources for my thirsty skin, and I'm not talking about moisturizers. Yes, ladies and gentlemen -drums roll please!- I finally finally FINALLY get off my lazy bums and try out some of the vast many treatment masks out there! May I present you my very very first mask (nuts huh?) -tahdah!!!- the DHC Moisture Pack!

I know, I know, booooooring, right? Whatever, it was on sale, so it doesn't hurt to try :P Plus I was getting some other stuff from DHC so I thought, ahh why not? It is a white creamy mask that has a strange chemical smell, although it doesn't bother me. I've read that the smell bothered other people though, and that to some it smelled like mayonaise (?!?). It's a mask that's supposed to deep clean and moisturize at the same time. Ambitious, huh? It contains glycerin, kaolin clay, hyaluronic acid, among others.

The ingredients, according to the back of the box and DHC USA, include: water, stearic acid, butylene glycol, glycerin, kaolin, polyvinyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol, sodium hyaluronate, potassium hydroxide, placental protein, methylparaben, serine, sodium dehydroacetate, propylparaben, allantoin, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, urea. Made in Japan.

From the same website and box, the instructions says: After cleansing and toning, smooth a thin layer over entire face, avoiding eye and mouth areas. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse.

My verdict is that it is okay. Not fantastic but not bad. I didn't notice anything spectacularly different with my skin, but it didn't dry it out either, so that was a good thing. I got hubby to try it too, and it had a much better result on his skin - his face was soft and supple and remained so for the next couple of days, much so that he didn't need extra moisturizers! Damn! Also, I paid the original price of $17 for it, and it's now on sale for only $11.90. Doh!

One thing though, the mask was a bit hard to spread around on my face, so I squeezed it out on to the back of my hand then use a brush to put it on. I think a foundation brush would work best for spreading masks like this evenly all over the face, but I bet any other soft brushes would work just fine too! Then when hubby and I wash it off, we splash water onto our faces and used the Shiseido The Skincare Cleansing Massage Brush to gently scrub it off. It was a nice little facial massage we got :D

***Picture from Shiseido USA.

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