Saturday, March 29, 2008

Canmake Cheek & Highlight

Canmake continues to wow me with its affordable yet decent makeup, so I've been trying more and more of their stuff.

This is the Cheek & Highlight in #03 Sunny Orange. And no, it doesn't show up as orange at all on me but more like a golden beige with hints of peach and bronze, a very unique color I haven't seen before. With it on, I just look healthy instead of "flushed." And actually, I'm more impressed with the highlighter than this particular blush itself. It's a much better day highlighter than the Canmake Highlighter! How do I tell a day versus a night highlighter? I just look very very closely after blending!

A highlighter that is chalky and dusty and settles into pores after a few hours is a bad highlighter, period, regardless when I use it. An example of a bad highlighter would be the Canmake Highlight Gradation (yes, sadly it's also Canmake). A good night highlighter is one that provides a little more "coverage," i.e. it gives a "soft focus" effect whenever the light hits. An example of this is my beloved Victoria's Secret Mosaic Highlighter. And because a good night highlighter provides a little more coverage, it will look overdone when used during the day and will be very obvious in natural sunlight. Likewise, a good day highlighter won't have much effect when used at night, because it'd be too dark and there just won't be enough light to pick up its subtle shimmers.

Up until now I thought the Canmake Highlighter makes a great day highlighter, but I guess it's found a contender in the Cheek & Highlight! This thing is so subtle it leaves so traces of powder behind after just some minor blending - just glowy goodness! Wow! In fact, I was so impressed I didn't bother with a separate highlighter! Now I'm totally excited to try ALL the other colors of the Cheek & Highlight!

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