Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sula Lip Balm Duo

I've never heard of the brand Sula before, and since the packaging says, "Made in Canada," I'm assuming it's a Canadian brand. Other than that, I can't find any information on it on the web. May be I'm just looking in all the wrong places? From Hush Beauty, I did find an order form for it with a Canadian address, so my guess wasn't so far off, at least. Then from there I found a Sula Beauty website, but it looks like it's currently under construction. So no information after all.

Anyway, I got these Lip Balm Duos from Anthropologie and was really excited to think I've stumbled on to some undiscovered treasures. Sadly, I was horribly disappointed. Let's just say the good ol' Chapsticks are better than these $15 lip balms! Yes, they are $15 each - lip balms with a fancy price that sadly just don't deliver. How's that for a quality product?

First off, I absolutely hate the chemical scent they have. Both the Lip Balm Duos I got are supposedly fragranced. Yet with that said, their subtle fragrance is completely overpowered by this waxy chemically smell that used to be so common in lipsticks back in the days. I remember that smell very vividly - I used to messed around with my mum's lipsticks, you see. Which little girl hasn't? Well, I'm generalizing, but you get my point. Secondly, I don't like their texture at all! They are -gasp- hard and waxy! I was being very gentle with them at first, but when I couldn't get any product onto my fingertip, I dug a little harder and they just crumbled into a mess! So that was that and they are going right back to the store tomorrow! Not happy. I should have gone out to the store and check them out first before buying them online!

I got 2 colors, and while both look beautiful, the product itself is very deceiving. Judging from the picture, don't they look luscious and inviting? I really held my breath reaching for these, only to be devastated as soon as my finger touched them!

- Sun-kissed Citrus: a combination of a salmony pink and fresh orange. They do have a nice and soft citrus fragrance, but as I have said it's totally overwhelmed by the waxy chemical smell I hate!

- Stiletto Red: a combination of a cherry red and a rasberry pink. These also have a subtle berry/cherry scent, but again I couldn't distinguish it because of the strong chemical smell. In fact, the waxy smell is stronger in this duo than the Sun-kissed Citrus duo. Urgh. Yuck.


Anonymous said...

I also purchased the Sula Stiletto Red Lip Balm Duo at Anthropologie, and regretfully so. I can't stand the strong fragrance taste it leaves in my mouth as if I'm eating perfume. Yuck!

D. said...

Hi chulavistanca,

Thank you for visiting (and sharing!) :D

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks those were utter trash. I don't understand how they think they could get away with selling crap like that for $15 a piece.

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