Sunday, March 16, 2008

T'estimo Color Eyes Part II

Finally, I got around to use more of these lovely T'estimo Color Eyes! More is to come too as I still have a gazillion of them I haven't even touched!

The pyramid shaped ones first, of course, as these are my favorite! I think they are the silkiest of all. Sadly, they are also an older release and most of the colors available with this pattern are either sold out or no longer available. Hell, the entire T'estimo line is going away, so what am I talking about? Damn Kanebo! See what rotten luck I have? My favorite things always get discontinued! Not cool. Not cool at all.

WT-07: Metallic, very sheer
A milky white that's turns a bit frosty on me. I still like the formula though, so I end up using this shade as a base and highlight, which is what they're for, right? I mean, it's white, what else can you do with it? haha Silly me :D

These next ones look like 4 sunken pyramids with softer edges. Pretty neat to look at.

SV-23: metallic, low intensity
The color is silver, but it's more like a translucent white with chunky silver glitter. In fact, it's so glittery I can't wear it as a base or a highlight, making it one of my least favorite T'estimo Color Eyes! It's formula is also more chalky and dusty, which is probably the result of the chunky glitters. I usually just slightly press the tip of my ring finger on it and then swipe it across my lids as the last finish, blending well. I find this gives my eye makeup a 3-dimensional effect, but that's about all it's good for.

DB-12: metallic, high intensity
An inky blue that looks almost black but is actually very obviously blue, does that make sense? :P I find this color makes a beautiful eye liner because you can tell it's blue and it makes brown eyes pop! This one doesn't have chunky glitters like silver one above, and the glitters you see are just sprayed on. The formula is also much softer and blends smoothly. My prized eye liner shadow!

Top row, from left: WT-07, SV-23
Bottom row: DB-12

BR-71: Shimmers, medium intensity
A mauvy brown with hints of eggplant. Another excellent eye liner!

GY-34: Metallic, low intensity
As you can see, it's actually not gray and is a lovely smoky mauvy silver. I usually pair this color with the BR-71, wearing this color on the lids and use the brown as eye liner for a smoky eye :D

PK-42: Metallic pearl, very sheer
A translucent veil that gives off a pink sheen at an angle. Makes a good highlighter and base but can be a bit too cool for me depending on how much I use.

WT-08: Metallic pearl, very sheer
Another translucent color, an off white that instantly brightens my eyes. Love this one!

Top row, from left: BR-71, GY-34, PK-42
Bottom row: WT-08

See my previous T'estimo Color Eyes post.


(g)ezebel said...

oooo, DB12, i liiiiike!

you're on a product review binge, aren't you? *giggles* you must be especially found of lip glosses and lip balms. :0P

D. said...

Hi Gezebel!

Hehe yah...I've got a TON of lipsticks and gloses I haven't review. Getting there...soon...

I'm a HUGE lip and cheeks person. May be eyes too, but not so much as I usually just slap on some sheer wash and then a liner shade if I'm in the mood for something more pronounced. But to look awake I have to have blush and gloss! Which one are you more fond of - eyes, lips, or cheeks stuff?

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