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T'estimo Color Eyes

No, I didn't write them backwards, they are really named "Color Eyes." These eye shadow refills come in individual clear cases with a tiny hole in the back for the pan to be removed. Each shadow, including case, measures about 1 inch square and about 1/3 inch thick. So freakin' adorable and super easy to mix and match!

What's more unique is they have patterns that change every other season or so. And although they all look glittery, they actually have different finishes. Just that some Japanese brands have this odd habit of spraying on a layer of sparkles to enhance the product's look in its original packagings, that's all! As soon as it's used, the surface glitters go away. In fact, this is precisely the reason some of my medium/darker colors seem to have a "black hole" in the middle of the pan - me using a small spot reveals its true shade!
4 Intensities of Pigmentation:
- Very sheer: these usually provide just a translucent wash or as a highlighter/eye brightener, can be used as a base or finisher shadow (in the case of the super sparklies) and layering won't help with intensity
- Low: can be layered to reach medium intensity
- Medium: these are usually crease/accent colors, can be layered to reach high intensity
- High: I mostly use these as liner shadows; as they are so pigmented, I don't recommend layering them

4 Finishes: some shades can be duo-chromatic, i.e., metallic pearl, etc.
- Shimmer: low to medium intensity with luminous shine, although some can get pretty sparkly...
- Pearl: very sheer to medium intensity with iridescent/opalescent shine.
- Metallic: very sheer to medium intensity with intense metallic shine.
- Matte: very sheer to high intensity with no shine, may have a few sparkles that aren't noticeable unless examined closely or under direct light, appears completely matte otherwise.

Below are the first batch of T'estimo eye colors I bought in Japan before returning home. My pictures don't really do the eye shadows justice, but that's the best I can do, unfortunately. You'll just have to get them and judge for yourself :D

The pyramid shaped ones are my favorite because they are the silkiest of all the T'estimo single eye shadows I own. They are incredibly soft to the touch and they blend so well! I love them to death!

PK-41 - Metallic pearl, very sheer
A cool baby pink with blue iridescent shine. Gives a fresh wash that brightens the eyes. I noticed this color first out of the lot. I was thinking of my Mum (she likes pink eye shadows), but I ended up getting this for myself instead :D
Makes a great highlighter but only in the inner corners of the eyes and lower lash lines. I don't use it on my brow bones because the blue and lilac iridescence is too cool and will turn my eye area purple.

PK-38 - Pearl, low intensity
A warm peachy pink with golden orange iridescent shine. Beautiful to look at and apply. Great for layering under a medium/darker shade or as a crease color to add depth.

BE-15 - Metallic pearl, very sheer
Beige in name but is a warm 18K gold in appearance with pink iridescent shine. Upon application, the pink iridescence overwhelms the gold - you won't see it at all! Good as a highlighter but only for the inner corners of the eyes and lower lash lines. I still don't use it on the brow bones because the pink iridescence turns my eye area red.

GR-29 - Metallic, medium intensity
A beautiful teal with gold metallic shine (it looks more silver in the pan, I know). Makes a great crease color to add depth, or use it as a liner on your lower lid to cheer up a dreary day.

GY-33 - Shimmer, medium intensity
A charcoal gray with plummy undertone and pinkish silvery shimmers. It looks much darker than it is. Makes a great liner and layer for the smoky-eye!

Top row, from left: PK-41, PK-38, BE-15
Bottom row, from left: GR-29, GY-33

These have raised diamonds as surface patterns and are excellently fine as well. I still like the pyramid shaped the best though, but these come very close.

BE-14 - Metallic, low intensity
Again, beige in name and appearance but goes on a sandy gold with silvery shimmers. Will brightens up the eyes if use all over lids for a fast wake-me-up.

PK-39 - Metallic, low intensity
Don't let it fool you, it's not as bright and bold as it look. It is actually less pink than BE-15, if you would believe it! Goes on a cool camellia pink with white shimmers.

GD-22 - Metallic pearl, low intensity
A sparkling gold with warm pink iridescent shine. Very pretty. I would actually use this on my lid as a base for layering.

BG-22 - Metallic pearl, low intensity
A mesmerizing foam green with gold iridescent shine. I would use this on my lid and layer GR-29 over to create depth. Then I use a dark gray liner to get super fresh eyes.

Top row, from left: BE-14, PK-39
Bottom row, from left: GD-22, BG-22

These have raised X's as surface pattern and while they are also very fine and smooth, I still like the previous two more.

BE-11 - Metallic, very sheer
It looks a lot more potent than it really is. With that said though, it's a beautiful metallic, goes on like a translucent wash of platinum that gives my eyes that impossibly glossy shine without all the weight. I use this color alone on my lids when I'm lazy.

BU-55 - Metallic, medium intensity
A good example of the sprayed on glitters and the "black (well, blue in this case) hole." The glitters makes the shadow look metallic in the pan, only the used spot in the bottom middle exposed its true color. Also, this color is actually more intense than it appears, so go easy on that application!

Left to right: BE-11, BU-55

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