Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Maquillage Design Face Color

Maquillage Design Face Color is a collection of blushes, highlighters, and contouring powders available in 6 shades with the first 4 being blushes and later 2 being highlighters:
- 10-OR
- 20-RD
- 30-PK
- 40-RS
- 50 Warm
- 60 Cool

I have the color 50 Warm:
- Pale canary yellow, shimmer
- Princess pink, shimmer
- Soft peach, matte
- Copper bronze, matte

Depends on your preference, the yellow, pink, and peach can be used as highlighters while the bronze for contouring; or the yellow and pink as highlighters and the peach and bronze for contouring; or the yellow, pink, and peach can be used as highlighter and the bronze for..., well, bronzing or contouring :)

Like T'estimo's earlier highlighters, this powder's texture isn't up to par with the newer crop. It still makes a good summer highlighter though since it's on the drier side and shimmer factor is well-controlled.

I have included a picture for the color 60 Cool as well. It has white, lilac, pastel blue, and pastel pink. Again, the white and lilac are shimmery, and the blue and pink are matte.

Below are pictures of the blushes. I am thinking of getting the 10-OR :D Will post picture and review later.





***Pictures from Adambeauty.com.

1 comment:

the Muse said...

these are great ;)

I have the sparkling bronze one from summer and love it! Plus the multi color pale one! it really does a great job evening my skintone and making me look flawless!

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