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Shiseido Brands

Some well known Shiseido brands are: The Makeup, The Skincare, SunCare, Benefiance, Pureness, Maquillage, Majolica Majorca, PN, Cle de Peau, Integrate, Tsubaki, and Super Mild. There are a bunch of others too I did not list, solely because I either haven't heard of them, know nothing of them, or just not interested :)

See a complete listing of all Shiseido brands (in Japanese).

CURRENTLY USING (in conjunction with others)
Highlighters, blushes, and eye shadows from this mid-end brand have unbelievably fine and silky texture. Many people like its lip products as well. The packaging is totally out of wack though. After T'estimo, this is the second brand I got into. Will post individual reviews later.

PN (Pied Nus)
Highlighters and blushes from this mid-end brand are excellent. Sadly, it has been discontinued in 2005, phased out slowly to be completely replaced by Maquillage above. Will post reviews later.

Majolica Majorca
Blushes and eye shadows from this brand are super affordable ($4-6) and the quality is absolutely amazing! If you want a good introduction to Japanese makeup without breaking your piggie bank, this is the brand to try. Will post reviews later.

Super Mild Hair Products
The first time I used Super Mild shampoo, I hated its Floral scent (the white/pink bottles). Still, after just one use I was convinced enough to venture out to the drugstore to find its Fruit scent (the white/green bottles)! Both hubby and I are devoted followers now, and we panic every time our bottle runs low. It lathers well, and keeps both our hair smooth, soft, and best of all, weightless! I have super straight hair that used to be a complete greasy mess the next day, but not with Super Mild! And I love that Fruit scent, it's so subtle and yet lingering, not perfumy at all!

***Picture from Evecare.

Both the Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion and the Cream version, SPF 55 PA+++. I have combination-dry skin, so I use the lotion on my forehead and nose, where it tends to get a little oily, and the cream on the rest of my face, where it tends to be super dry. Used the Ultimate Cleansing Oil to take the sunscreen off. A pain, but that works for now. I am moving into European sunscreen, however, as I learned all the US ones aren't very effective at all. Will devote an entire post on sunscreens soon.

Ultimate Sun Protection Cream SPF 55 PA+++
Pros: Thick, creamier and more suitable for my dry face, very water resistant, doesn't clog pores or irritate even though heavily fragranced, doesn't run into and consequently burns the eyes, blends well, absorbs quickly, dries to a dewy matte with no white cast.
Cons: Heavily fragranced, needs a separate oil cleanser, tends to crease my eye shadows a little.

HAVE USED IN THE PAST (in conjunction with others)

Used Deep Cleansing Foam, Matifying Moisturizer Oil-free, Pore Purifying Warming Scrub during my college days, when my skin was still its oily former self. Used the Foaming Cleansing Fluid throughout my time in Japan, and then I came home and -poof- my skin decided it would now be combination-dry. Psycho. Since I don't use these anymore, I won't include reviews for them.

The Skincare
Had a brief stint with this line while I was in Japan and looking to try something new. I heard it was supposed to be more gentle towards the normal/oily skin, so I tried the Purifying Cleansing Foam. Big mistake. It deep fried my oily skin and broke me out horribly. Never again. I hated the thick floral scent too. Urgh.

Jumped to this line after my skin made its bizarre switcheroo, egged on by a good friend who raved about its cleanser too, of course. Most people either love or hate the feminine powdery scent. I loved it, as did my friend. It comes off strong at first, but it seriously grows on you. No reviews though, sorry.

Went for the Creamy Cleansing Foam, Revitalizing Emulsion, and Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream. The Shiseido lady asked me what I used before, when I told her it was Pureness, she gave me this look like I was bananas. Whatever.

Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 55 PA+++
Pros: Light and runny texture, very water resistant, doesn't clog pores or irritate even though heavily fragranced, doesn't run into and consequently burns the eyes, blends well, absorbs quickly, dries to a complete matte with no white cast, make a beautiful base for makeup, be it foundation or powder.
Cons: Heavily fragranced, needs a separate oil cleanser, can be drying as hell. I stopped using it on my face because it turned my cheeks parchy after several months!

Ultimate Cleansing Oil

Pros: Rinse clean, lighter in texture and slightly less drying than DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, 1 bottle lasted me 6+ months (I only use 1 pump per wash), reasonably priced ($22?)
Cons: Nothing special, just an average oil cleanser. Onward!

***Pictures from Shiseido USA.

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