Saturday, February 16, 2008

Canmake Highlighter

Given the Canmake Highlight Gradation didn't work so well, I was rather hesitant to try out this Highlighter. But then it's Canmake, and even if it sucks it wouldn't bankrupt me, right?

The Highlighter is white with very fine shimmers. At the first glance I thought, "Oh great, not another flop..." Then I patted the powder lightly and was amazed how soft and silky it felt. Its texture is completely different than the Highlight Gradation! Oh, and no dust! Definitely a good point.

I'm really glad I gave this Highlighter a chance. It gives me just enough shimmers to create a subtle glow. I think I've finally found a highlighter I could use during the day instead of my favorite Victoria's Secret one, which is more suitable for night (will review soon)!

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