Friday, February 29, 2008

Stila Floating Eye Shadow

I'm not sure why these are called Floating Eye Shadows, but they are not your typical liquid eye shadows - they are literally liquid eye shadow. Yes, not cream, not gel, not even slightly runny - liquid!!! You'll have to shake them up to mix well, then apply with the wand or fingertip.

Unfortunately, I don't like them as much as I wanted to. First off, they take forever to shake up and mix! Hell, it probably takes just as much time for me to do my makeup! Secondly, opposite with most other reviews I've read, I think they dry way too quickly! Now, the good points: they make a decent base for other eye shadows. It's weird, but they crease when I wear them by themselves, but underneath other eye makeup they actually stay creaseless! Strange. May be these Floating Eye Shadows were intended to be a base?

Stila Floating Eye Shadow in Pink Drizzle

I have three colors: Pink Drizzle, Gold Dew, and Peach Splash, but have only used Pink Drizzle extensively enough to review.

- Pink Drizzle: it's actually a grayish silver with hints of pink. A bit too cool for me although it looks lovely on my sister, who is cool toned with a tad more tanned complexion. Also, it's too frosty on me even though it isn't overly shimmery. On my sister though, it turns a taupey silver and is gorgeous on its own. And it doesn't crease with her so may be it's just me who has more oily skin! Damn!

Gold Dew

Peach Splash


(g)ezebel said...

hmm. thanks for doing this review. i was looking at those on stila's website, but wasn't sure about them. i'm not really feelin' the "shaking it up" thing.

D. said...

Hi Gezebel!

You're very welcome! I"m glad you find my reviews helpful! Yeah...that's the one thing I hate the most about these. In fact, one time I even got so mad I threw it across the room! It took FOREVER to shake up! Oh was neat concept, but poor execution.

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