Saturday, February 16, 2008

Victoria's Secret Mosaic Highlighter

This is my most beloved highlighter, and I'm not even a fan of Victoria's Secret! I think most of their stuff is crap, but I have to say there is a few precious gems here and there which I won't deny my love for, another one being the Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm.

I'm not exactly happy with the packaging of the highlighter, but I really do love the stuff inside. The Mosaic Highlighter has 5 shades: white, lilac, pink, yellow, and beige. When swirled together, they give me the most angelic glow that only gets better as the night wears by - a rare feat indeed as most cosmetic products do just the opposite on my combination-dry skin! By the end of the night, instead of settling into my pores, it blends in with my skin, making me look like I was photoshopped!! Nuts! It's like the powder itself adapts to moisturizing my dry cheek and at the same time absorbs all the oil on my t-zones. Isn't it crazy or what??? And the difference with this highlighter on is just amazing! I look instantly awake and rested, even when I'm exhausted and stressed out and ready to kill someone!
Anyway, the only minor problem about this highlighter is that, because it works so well, it's best used at night. The powerful wattage this powder provides does not mix well with daylight, and you can look over done. With that said, it didn't prevent me from using it during the day at all! :P I just have to be more careful about how much I put on.

Now the sad, sad, sad news: this highlighter has been discontinued for quite a while now. Actually, I think Victoria's Secret is discontinuing my beloved Soothing Lip Balm as well. Stupid. What were they thinking? They are killing the products that actually build brand loyalty!!! Garr...

Anyhow, I did managed to find another very similar, actually, an exact look-alike, product from NYX for half the original Victoria's Secret price. Will definitely give that one a try, that is, after I'm done mourning the death of my favorite highlighter first. To hell with Victoria's Secret.


Anonymous said...

I also miss VS' old line. The blushers, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip liners, eyeliners, glosses, etc... There was nothing from the original line I didn't love, and all of them were very high quality; the lipsticks, for example, were made in Italy and Japan. I liked the silver packaging as well!

Now, VS has this rubbish, low quality new cosmetics line, made in Godknowswhere not one item of which doesn't suffer from low pigmentation and crummy texture.

I've used the NYX Highlighter Mosaic powder, and I have to say: it gives a nice ethereal (not too shimmery) glow, but it is slightly pasty and is somewhat comedogenic.

D. said...

Hi mandypandy!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I see you all the time at Musey's :D Welcome, welcome!

Oh, I hear 'ya! I do miss the old VS stuff as well. Actually, while I like some of their lingerie (very few, I must say), I really really despise the VS brand itself. It's total crap that's so well marketed it's fraud!

Oooohhh...I'm glad you told me about the NYX highlighter. My skin is very prone to clogged pores so now I'll have to think twice before trying out that NYX. Then again, $7 wouldn't hurt much, right? :D Have you tried the other NYX Mosaic blushes? Do you like them? They look so tempting...

Anonymous said...

I believe I tried the Mosaic Powder in 'Rosey' as well. It was alright, nothing special, low in pigmentation with a texture similar to Benefit's Dandelion (so it's a little powdery).

I actually didn't even pay $7 for it; I think the MPs were around $4-5 at my local Eckerd (now bought out by Rite Aid so no more NYX, sadly).

Actually, the real star of the NYX line has to be their Creme Blushes. They work almost as well as the high end ones, very highly pigmented with very good texture, quite similar to Stila's version and packaged much like MAC's blushes.

D. said...

Hi Mandypandy! Okay, you've sold me on the NYX cream blushes :D I'm in this craze lately for gel/cream blushes :D and all the colors look sooooooo pretty too! Gosh that RED!!! I'm such a psycho for orangey red blushes and lipstick! That's it! NYX is my next haul!!! Thanks for the recos!!

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