Sunday, February 10, 2008

Canmake Metallic Eyes

I've been curious about these for a while but was hesitant until I read a good review on a fellow makeup lover's blog, Musings of a Muse. The lovely Muse says they were wonderfully sheer, and that was pretty much the little push I need :D

I got 5 of these Metallic Eyes, but have only tried 2 so far. Will review the rest later.

- 01 White: it's, well, white, metallic, and very sheer. I was afraid it'd turned frosty on me but it goes on translucent. Awesome!

- 09 Metallic Black: definitely metallic, but is not black but rather charcoal, low intensity. I actually like this one a lot as I can use it both on my crease for a smoky effect as well as a liner. A definite keeper!

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