Friday, September 2, 2011

Johnson's Body Care Dreamy Skin Relax Body Wash

Johnson's Body Care Dream Skin Relax Body Wash is unfortunately neither dreamy or relaxing. Reading the "aroma soothe" tagline at the bottom of the package, I was hoping for light fragrance. And it did smell mild enough, that is, the sample perfumed beads they leave out for you to take a whiff :P

While my sister was staying with us, we had ran out of the Cow Brand Milky Body Soap and just started using Pelican Deitanseki Clay & Charcoal Facial Cleansing Bar. That said, she has eczema-proned skin, and with the Pelican bar supposedly being drawing, I was afraid it might be too drying for her and would aggravate her eczema. So I bought this Johnson's body wash for her to use instead. Big mistake. Turns out this Johnson's body wash was much harsher for her (and my!) skin!

It is a very runny body wash, even runnier than Cow Brand's, though is completely consistent with how body washes are in Japan in general. It foams like crazy, and is very drying, kind of reminds me of Naive Grapefruit Body Wash actually. I tried to be as openminded as I could with this and gave it several chances, but each time it made me dry and itchy. No wonder my sister didn't like it! If my skin hated it, how could her eczema-proned skin have handled it?

The fragrance is even worse. The scent beads smelled mild enough, but the body wash itself is overwhelmingly perfumy. My sister commented how it actually made her "stinkier" lol! I definitely will not purchase this again, although I will probably leave this soap in our bathroom for few days when we're bored of charcoal bars.

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