Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose RoseFlower Blush

Been using The Body Shop RoseFlower Blush from the Moroccan Rose collection that came out in Spring 2009 for a few weeks now and loving it! Yeah, I know I'm a bit behind the times...

The Body Shop RoseFlower Blush 01 Pink

The Body Shop RoseFlower Blush 02 Fuchsia

These came in clear plastic compacts that are thinner with round edges and, in my opinion, sleeker than say, the Shimmer Waves, which have a rather bulky and thick compacts. The powder itself also has a pretty rose embossed and coated with gold shimmer and a color that stands out - the 01 Pink has the 02 Fuchsia coating, and the 02 Fuchsia has the 01 Pink coating.

I am surprised to find that these are actually really nice blushes! They're not as silky as luxury blushes can get, for this price they're pretty outstanding all the same with a satiny feel and soft and finely milled texture. They are scented with a light rose scent that doesn't bother me. The (huge?) downer is that they are very sheer, and for many, 01 Pink is pretty much just a highlighter. I love them though, but only because I prefer my makeup on the sheer side.

01 Pink: a petal pink with gold shimmer. I know it looks very shimmery from the picture but the shimmers are actually quite fine. And as sheer as it is, this blush actually do show on me. I love the fresh and glowy cheeks I get with it!

02 Fuchsia: don't let the name or the color scare you because it has a kitten bite. Though it is more pigmented than the 01 Pink above, it's still pretty sheer by blush standard. The shimmers in this blush are even finer than in the 01 Pink, so it applies pretty much matte. I love the pink flush it gives me :)

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